my secret.

a nine month diary entry of a preginant teen.


1. 1st month

This is all so weird. I remember beying just a normal teen, living my life, clubbing, friends, boys. I have no idea where my friends are these days. They seem to avoid me, not all just elisha and dixon. But the rest try and help me out. I walked on them planning me a baby shower. I was so thrilled, but i think its a little early for that, im not showing yet, not much anyway.

My mother thinks i dont know who the father is, but i do. Its Matt. Its kinda obivous since hes my boyfriend i mean he knows it, i know it but noone else came round to figuring it out. Yet anyway.

I dont feel preginant, most people say its amazing but really its just all weird. Esspecally for a 15 yr old. I remember my first visit to the doctor, he told me i was preggie. Since then i have to go every coupe of weeks to get my blood checked and if the babys fine, all the blabba gabba.

Im scared. Im scared my friends are gonna abanden me after i give birth.

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