memories flooding back

well where to begin it all started with him yes him if you dont know who im talking. well im talking about harry styles (while famous) yes the, harry styles from one direction well read to find out more


2. another day at school with a new friend's (when one direction isn't famous)

zayn p.o.v


well today i start a new school with my mate bailey but im thinking of droping out of school and do my favorite thing to do and that is to sing and join up to xfactor but i will ask bailey if i should or not but i think i will get dressed first  skip the getting dressed part now on my way to the bus stop

i was walking by my self  when i stopped at the bus stop and saw a bunch of kids going to the same school i was going to wich was mercy college but i saw bailey there wich looks like his girlfriend i never knew he had one wow i need to ask him but i should go talk to bailey.

bailey's p.o.v

i was with my girlfriend jacinta i had my arms around her wasit when we were waiting from the bus to come we saw zayn no one knows him cause he is new to mercy,so when he came i introduced him to everyone but i think he has the hot's for my girl.but he got on well the the boys well execpted for nicole's ex boyfriend harry god he was a jackass or should i say a man whore he went out with nicole and jacinta   and felicity at the same time it broke there hearts i hated him for that but he left the school wich is good cause i don't have to see him again in my school life but on the 16th of jan 2013 jacinta is having a party on the diamond lounge the black bus can't wait cause it takes us to the beach and i will kiss her then it takes us to kings park but we have been dating for 5 years i know we should get married butit it is to soon.

the bus comes

jacinta's p.o.

we get to the back of the bus and i was texting harry about stuff but i was kinda happy because we are the leavers for 2012 and after school today me and harry and planning a party for niall because he is turning 19 in a couple of days and we are all able to drink but everyone wants th new guy to come but i dont really know him he seem nice by his looks but i dont trust him fully yet i was deep in tought when there were sceams i looked and i saw my best friend everrr andrew me,andrew and harry get along the best














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