The Funny Poems

Laugh your head off while reading these poems as they take you for an adventure in funny land...


1. Fruit

The Banana And The Magician

There once was a Banana
All yellow and ripe
He meets a magician
Whose wearing his stripe

They become friends
Until one very show
Where the magician eats the banana
In one galloping go!


I ate them every day
But one day I stopped,
I don't know what to say!

The spelling bee arrived,
And I thought of joining,
Im great at spelling,
But I don't know what I was spoiling!

Spell the word "Apple!"
Which is what my teacher said,
I didn't understand
I wanted a word like bed.

"B U P P L E"
Was my answer
The teacher made a face
That stopped my case
And from then on
I stopped eating apples

Why are Strawberries red?

I always wonder why Strawberries are red
Even when I'm in bed
Why not blue or yellow or pink
Has red got a special link

The yellow seeds and green leaves
All look fine but not the red
I like orange
What's the problem
Red is the problem

When I wash it or paint it
It still stays there
Oh dear
Now I'm wondering about a pear

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