The Funny Poems

Laugh your head off while reading these poems as they take you for an adventure in funny land...


4. Family

Our family comes
From many homes,
Our hair is straight,
Our hair is brown,
Our hair is curled,
Our eyes are blue,
Our skins are different
Colors, too.

We're girls and boys,
We're big and small,
We're young and old,
We're short and tall.
We're everything
That we can be
And still we are
A family.

We laugh and cry,
We work and play,
We help each other
Every day.
The world's a lovely
Place to be
Because we are
A family.

What is a family. Who is a family?

What is a family?
Who is a family?
One and another makes two is a family!
Baby and father and mother: a family!
Parents and sister and brother: a family!

All kinds of people can make up a family
All kinds of mixtures can make up a family
What is a family?
Who is a family?
The children that lived in a shoe is a family!
A pair like a kanga and roo is a family!
A calf and a cow that go moo is a family!

All kinds of creatures can make up a family
All kinds of numbers can make up a family
What is a family?
Who is a family?
Either a lot or a few is a family;
But whether there's ten or there's two in your family,
All of your family plus you is a family!

Grandmas and Grandpas

Grandmas and Grandpas are everything nice.
Like presents and candy and raspberry ice.
And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top.
And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop.
In winter or summer, in rain or in sun,
Grandmas and Grandpas are wonderful fun!

Cousins are Cozy

Cousins are cozy
Wherever they're from;
They feel like your family
Whenever they come.
Some people have many;
Most people have some.
Cousins are cozy,
Wherever they're from.
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