Things that annoy me

Congrats to me for 25 minutes of ranting on about what annoys me! This is where I complain about things that annoy me- and you are very welcome to help me out so comment below what annoys YOU! I am always very happy to have people contributing to things that annoy me....

*please do not take offense to any of these- it is just my opinion and you have all the right to disagree


22. Not yourself

WerewolfLuva again :D


I hate ... (that's too cheesy) ... despise people who are untrue to themselves.

I feel REALLY sorry for those people who have to tell themselves that they are pretty/popular/clever ever morning and evening because they are too scared to live life as it should be lived; freely.

People that hide themselves away; try not to because it doesn't do you any favors.


Let me tell you all a little story:

When I was younger, I used to be REALLY popular when I went to Clifton High School and then, when I moved to Copthorne School, I got the crap beaten out of me (this was year 3). When I then moved back to Clifton, I was bullied again and I became really shy about who I really was - scared that people wouldn't like me. It took me until year 8 to find the right school and - most importantly - myself again.

I am popular (within reason) and I couldn't ask for better friends so this is for all the people who aren't themselves;

Be true to yourself and everyone around you will like you (not because you are pretty, rich or funny but because you have what it takes to be yourself and that is all that I really look for in a person, and the same should apply to you.)

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