Things that annoy me

Congrats to me for 25 minutes of ranting on about what annoys me! This is where I complain about things that annoy me- and you are very welcome to help me out so comment below what annoys YOU! I am always very happy to have people contributing to things that annoy me....

*please do not take offense to any of these- it is just my opinion and you have all the right to disagree


11. Being wrong

When you're in the middle of an argument and you realise that they're right and you're wrong but you carry on anyway...

It's so embarrasing! But I don't carry on usually... I stop and try to laugh off the embarrassment. It doesn't work.


"Don't admit that you're wrong, no matter how wrong you are- you're right" -Caspar Lee Youtube- TEN TIPS FOR LIFE

I love you Caspar.



*** Insightful comment- Happyplace7


I mean I don't particually like being wrong, but you have to be wrong sometimes *feeling thoughtful add-on*

Because if there is no wrong, there must be no right!



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