Finding My Father

This is the story of how Lea Lou Tomlinson meets her father. It first starts off with her mother's p.o.v. then Lea's p.o.v. when her parents re-unite


7. Who's My Daddy?

**10 years later**
      Today is my 10th birthday. I am super excited. Not only because I'm a double-digit,but because today is the day I meet my dad. Every year for my birthday I wished that on my 10th birthday I will meet my daddy. I never met him in my entire life. I never dared to ask my mum about my dad because I just wanted to meet him. Me and my mum are watching tv. Now the dumb commercials are on. I went on my 3DS and started playing Mario Cart7 until I saw this weird look on my mum's face."Are you ok mum?"I asked. She looked like she was gonna cry. I looked at the tv and saw these 5 guys singing. She must have been a fangirl. Oh God mum grow up. But then I noticed this one guy. He kinda...looks like me. Something inside of me just felt like asking her who was my dad. For no reason."Mum,who's my dad?"I asked. She just looked at me."Do you really want to know?"she asked. I nodded."You see that guy right there on the tv?"she said pointing to the guy who looked like me. I nodded."That's him."she said. My eyes widened. My daddy is famous!!"His name is Louis Tomlinson."my mom smiled saying his name. Maybe that's how I got my middle name."Can I ever meet him?"I asked scared of hearing a no."I don't know baby. He's an international famous singer. Do you maybe want to call him. I doubt he'll pick up the phone. I've tried a million times but maybe you'll be lucky."she said handing me her phone. I took it and went through her contacts and pressed on "Louis". I pressed on "call". I put the phone to my ear and heard ringing. After 2 or 3 rings I heard a voice. I started to get kinda nervous. What was I supposed to say?"Hello?"a voice said."Hi."I said."Who is this?" the voice said."I'm Lea. Louis Tomlinson's daughter."I said feeling weird saying Louis Tomlinson's daughter."Lea?Its me,Louis!! Well you can call me daddy."he said."Hi daddy. Today's my birthday. I want to see you."I said very eager and happy."Baby,I can't. I'm in America. I'm on tour. I can't come to Doncaster to see you as much as I would die to."he said and my heart just sank."It's ok daddy. Can we still keep in touch?"I said less happy."Of course we can darling! I gotta go but tell your mother I love her. Happy birthday my love. I love you to death."he said."I love you too daddy."I said and hung up the phone."He said he loves you."I said to my mum. I felt really upset that I wasn't going to meet my dad. It's all I've dreamed of for years. 
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