Finding My Father

This is the story of how Lea Lou Tomlinson meets her father. It first starts off with her mother's p.o.v. then Lea's p.o.v. when her parents re-unite


2. Victoria

(Victoria's p.o.v.)
      Hi. My name is Victoria Eskimo. I will forever be known as the girl Louis "the tommo" Tomlinson knocked up. That's right. I'm pregnant with Louis Tomlinson of one direction's baby. I don't know how to tell him. That's right! He doesn't know. You probably want to know how we met. So, we knew each other in high school. We were dating for a few years. Being on tour all the time and being apart pretty much split us apart. The night we broke up he came over to my house. We ended up doing it then we split. I am 3 months pregnant. I 
actually have a plan to tell him I'm pregnant and he's the dad. One direction are having a cd signing for their new album"Take Me Home". At the signing I'm going to see Louis and do my best to get him to remember me. Then I'll remind him of the night we broke up and did it and now I'm pregnant with his baby. It won't be an easy plan but I just need to hope for the best.
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