Finding My Father

This is the story of how Lea Lou Tomlinson meets her father. It first starts off with her mother's p.o.v. then Lea's p.o.v. when her parents re-unite


3. The Signing

Well, today is the day I tell Louis. I woke up extra early to be one of the people first in line. I drove to the mall where the signing was at. Thank God by the time I got there nobody was there. So basically I started the line. The room was quiet because I was the only person there until I heard a VERY familiar voice in the room."Looks like we have our first directioner here. Hi love."Louis said walk towards me. Oh God I missed him. I felt like I couldn't get the words out of my mouth so I just waved. I felt chocked up to speak."What's your name beautiful?"Louis asked."Victoria." I said a bit less nervous. My head was facing the ground so he couldn't see my face but when I said my name I lifted my head up so he could see my face. I hope he remembers me."Vicky?"he said eyes widened. I nodded. The biggest smile on his face appeared and ran up to me and gave me a huge hug."I've missed you so much!"he said then kissed my cheek. Shivers went down my spine."Lou, I need to tell you something."I said regretting I said anything. We sat down near the fountain."Do you remember the night we broke up?"I asked and he nodded."And do you remember we had sex?"I then asked and he nodded again."Well...I...I'm...Lou,I'm pregnant."I said not realizing there were tears in my eyes. His eyes widened then had a huge smile on his face and hugged me again."I'm gonna be a dad!!!!!"he yelled at the top of his lounges loud enough for Harry and Liam to hear it. I know they heard it because they ran in the room."WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??!!"they yelled at the same time. Louis and I explained the whole story of when we were together, broke up,and right now. They were pretty happy for me and Louis. So we're the rest of the boys.
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