Finding My Father

This is the story of how Lea Lou Tomlinson meets her father. It first starts off with her mother's p.o.v. then Lea's p.o.v. when her parents re-unite


5. Beautiful Baby

The baby should be here any day now. Most likely today or tomorrow. Louis left and I've been staying with my sister Luna. My stomach is the size of a watermelon and I just want her out of me. The other night me and Louis were on the phone discussing names for the baby. We decided to name her Lea Lou Tomlinson. I chose Lou  for her middle name in honor of Louis of course. I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat when I felt a horrible pain and started to scream. Luna came running to the kitchen."What's wrong Vick?!"she said panicking."THE BABY'S COMING!" I yelled. I put on my shoes and ran to the car. Didn't care what I was wearing I just need this baby out of me. Luna drove to the hospital. We rushed into the hospital and got a room. I lied on the bed and the doctor came in the room."Ms.Eskimo,just calm down." the doctor said. I did as I was told but just felt the pain getting worse."Luna, call Louis."I told Luna. She nodded and called him."Victoria,are you ready to deliver this baby?"the doctor asked. I nodded."Ok. Now push."he said. I pushed as hard as I could and screamed really loud in pain. I pushed again and screamed again but then heard the sound of someone cry. The baby. I breathed heavily."Victoria,it's your baby."the doctor said holding the baby in his arms. After cleaning her up,the doctor handed the baby to me."Hi Lea. Its mommy. I know daddy isn't here but he'll be here soon."I swear she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has blue eyes and small chubby cheeks. Luna walked into the room."Louis wants a picture of you and his daughter."she said. I smile at the camera cradling the baby in my arms."What's her name?"asked the doctor."Lea Lou Tomlinson." I said smiling at the beautiful baby just born.
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