Finding My Father

This is the story of how Lea Lou Tomlinson meets her father. It first starts off with her mother's p.o.v. then Lea's p.o.v. when her parents re-unite


9. A New Beginning

My mom and dad have been going out for a few weeks now and I couldn't be happier. All I wanted was for them to be together again and that's what I got. Tonight they were going on a date for their 1 month anniversary. I stayed home with Niall to play video games to keep me company. We played video games for hours that felt like minutes. We played Just Dance4,Mario Cart,Call of Duty,and Minecraft then we ordered a pizza. After eating pizza we talked for 20 minutes then my parents came home."Lea, we have a surprise for you!"my dad said all excited."What?"I said very confused. My mom released her hand she had behind her back. I noticed she was wearing a ring with a huge diamond on it."Were getting married!"they yelled at the same time. My jaw dropped then I ran up to them and hugged them. This is the perfect ending to a new beginning.

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