He's Got 27 Tattoos (Harry Styles Fanfic)

16 year old Hailey Jacobs is Louis Tomlinson's cousin, she has undergone many terrifying things in her past and it still continues, will it finally stop when she finds true love read to find out.
(One Direction are famous however they are on a large break and have gone back to school in London)
Hope you all enjoy!!! :)


6. Sneaking Out

Harry's POV

"Harry, I don't know if I can hide this from Lou, and how are we going to have this date of ours without Louis knowing?"

When Hailey said that to me, I had come across a beyond brilliant idea or even a plan, so I decided to tell Hailey the plan "I have a plan and that is that later on tonight, you will start feeling light headed, you come downstairs and tell Lou that you are going out for air, you bag will be hiding behind that plant over there, you will go outside and wait for me to come outside, I will then say to Lou after about 5 minutes that I am going to check on you, I will then walk to the door grab my keys fro the table at the enterance and the open the door and tell Louis that you still don't feel well and that we are going to go for a walk and I will then take you to my car and we will go on our date" I said quite pleased with what I had just come up with. She was looking at me with a confused look, then handed me her bag, "does anyone know where my phone and keys are?" I asked as a deversion, "yeah, on the table at the front door Haz" Louis replied, I walked over to the table pretending to find my keys and then put the bag behind the plant, everything went well now time to wait for the date.


I was getting dressed when I heard my phone go off, I went to check it and saw that it was Harry asking if I was ready yet, I text him back sayong no and continued getting dressed, I was wearing a black flowy top with very very light blue coloured jeans, I through my brown sandals (http://www.polyvore.com/hes_got_27_tattoos_harry/set?id=66523716 THIS IS THE OUTFIT THAT HAILEY IS WEARING I WILL PUT THE LINK IN THE COMMENTS SO U CAN CHECK IT OUT) on and went to my bathroom to do my makeup and hair, it still hurt to walk into there but I still did it anyway, I had just finished covering my wrists with makeup when I heard my phone go off again I quickly texted Harry back and walked downstairs. When I got there I said to Louis "Lou, I'm feeling a little light headed, I'm just gonna get some air" "sure, do you want me to come out with you?" he asked in reply all I did was shake my head and walked to get my bag once I collected it out of the front door I was with a big smirk on my face. 5 minutes had passed and I heard Harry say to Louis "she has been out there for a while, I'll just check on her." I heard loud footsteps coming towards the door and then the door opened which allowed me to see the face of an angel, he then asked me "how are you feeling?" I stood there confused until I understood, "not good, can we go for a walk?" I asked he nodded and stuck his head in the door and yelled "Hailey isn't feeling too good we are just going for a walk" he quickly snuck in to grab his car keys then came back out. All of a sudden out of nowhere Harry cupped his hands around my cheeks and crashed his soft and moist lips onto mine, our lips moved in sync and there wes so many fireworks going off, it was my first kiss and it was amazing.

We got into the car and started to drive to a little café on the corner of the main road and one of the middle streets, once we got there and sat down Harry started throwing questions out, it was almost like 20 questions, they were like what is your middle name, your favourite colour, birthday, do I have siblings, favourite movies and songs and bands and even pets, it was a lot to take in at once but I could handle it, I decided to through it back in his face and ask it all back to him and by the look on his face it made him uncomfortable. We ordered our drinks, I ordered a hot chocolate and Harry ordered a tea, we sat there getting to know each other and when we saw the time we both nearly jumped out of our skins, we paid and sprinted back to the car. When we got back to the apartment, we stayed in the car for a few more minutes, I looked over at Harry and smiled, I saw him leaning in closer and closer every second until there was no gap between our lips, our lips were moving in sync once again however this time it was a lot more passionate and full of lust, "can I call you Lele?" Harry asked out of nowhere "sure but only if I can call you Hazzy Wazzy" I replied with a smile on my face, "of course you can" he replied as he pressed his lips against mine once more. I can really say I have fallen very very deep for this boy.

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