He's Got 27 Tattoos (Harry Styles Fanfic)

16 year old Hailey Jacobs is Louis Tomlinson's cousin, she has undergone many terrifying things in her past and it still continues, will it finally stop when she finds true love read to find out.
(One Direction are famous however they are on a large break and have gone back to school in London)
Hope you all enjoy!!! :)


3. I Understand


Hey everyone, thanks so much for reading, sorry but this will be a short chapter, and also if I don't get the chance to update before Christmas, I will say Merry Christmas to all and I hope you all have a great day, take care of yourself and keep reading. I hope you are all enjoying He's Got 27 Tattoos, and if you have any suggestions just comment them below if you are on the website and yeah.

Love directioner_1D_0398


Louis' POV

I heard the ambulance pull away and head off to the hospital, I quickly walked into the lounge room to find El but couldn't find her anywhere, so I ran back upstairs to our bedroom and saw her sitting on the bed crying "Lou this is all my fault, I'm so sorry babe" she said, "hun, its not your fault, she has just undergone a lot in the past few years and that's why she reacted the way she did, but its not your fault" I replied. I kissed El on the lips, then took her hand and grabbed her bag and I grabbed my phone and wallet and ran out to the car. It took us 10 minutes to get to the hospital, we both ran in to see Harry sitting on the chair in the waiting room "is she alright mate?" I asked Harry, "don't know the doctor won't tell me anything, cause I'm not family" he replied and just as he did the doctor walked out, "is she alright?" I asked the doctor "are you family? Because unless you family, I can't give out any information" the doctor said "yeah I am" I replied "ok, well she has lost a lot of blood, however she is stable at the moment and she is awake, if you would like you can go in and see her, but only one at a time" the doctor said with a serious face, "El do you want to go in first?" I asked, all she did was nod.

Eleanor's POV

I walked in quietly as I was still quite mad at myself for snapping at everyone even when I didn't know what she was going through. I sat on the the chair next to her bed, her eyes turned to me and showed blank feelings, as if she had no feelings left, "Hailey, I'm truly sorry for the way I acted today, I didn't even think of the reason why you did that, I'm sorry I said what I did, I wasn't thinking and it must've really hurt you so much for you to have done this" I said, "El trust me it was never your fault, I have gone through a lot of thing in the last few years, see after my mum died my brother went to college and I think it was about 5 months after my brother went away my dad started abusing me and it lasted for the past two years and that's why I'm living with you and Lou, I just hope you can understand that it may take some time to let people hug me, but El it was never your fault" she told me, I had tears in my eyes, just to think that her dad did that someone as innocent as her, "I understand" I replied. I heard the door creep open and Lou and Harry walked in even though they weren't meant to, "hey how you feeling?" Harry asked her "oh, I've been better" she replied "don't ever do that again, ok Hai" Louis told her with a stern look on his face, it kinda made me giggle, cause he is so cute when he is serious about something.

Harry's POV

I will admit that I really like Hailey, although I know Lou won't be very happy about it but, I guess that's why these sorts of things are called secrets.

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