He's Got 27 Tattoos (Harry Styles Fanfic)

16 year old Hailey Jacobs is Louis Tomlinson's cousin, she has undergone many terrifying things in her past and it still continues, will it finally stop when she finds true love read to find out.
(One Direction are famous however they are on a large break and have gone back to school in London)
Hope you all enjoy!!! :)


1. Drive

Hailey's POV

My name is Hailey Claire Jacobs, I have an older brother who is in college so I never get to see him, my mum died from cancer 5 years ago and well for my dad he is an abusive alcoholic bastard, who um well hits me if I do something right and wrong, and the only person who knows about this is my cousin Louis, I mean THE LOUIS TOMLINSON, that's right my cousin is Louis from One Direction.

So basically about 5 months after my brother went to college was when my dad started hurting me which was 2 years ago, I have still been doing my normal routine of going to school, and when I get home, dad is at work so I get to do my homework and talk to Louis for at least an hour before spending the next hour scrubbing the house clean before he comes home to hit me. Recently I have been on skype with Louis and we had started a plan to get me out of this nightmare of a place, I know that if I ran away dad would never look for me at Louis' house so we planned for me to stay with him. That day after school instead of doing my homework I packed my suitcase with all my clothes and nearly all my belongings, I took it out to the bush against the wall underneath my window and opened the wall that I had found, it was big enough for a human to be in there, I shoved the suitcase inside the wall and covered it back up with the leaves and ran back inside, I cleaned part of the house before grabbing the money in the container on top of the fridge, I shoved the money in my backpack along with the remainder of my belongings and quickly took them to where my suitcase was. I ran back inside to then hear dad's car pulling up, as I continued to clean up he barged through the door yelling "WHERE'S MY FOOD YOU STUPID BRAT?" I had forgotten to cook his meal, I called "I'm just heating it up for you" I ran to the fridge and grabbed out leftovers and put it into the microwave after it was done I ran to the table and placed it in front of him, I then sprinted to the fridge and got his beer and gave it to him. "I HAD THIS LAST NIGHT YOU SLUT, YOU FORGOT DIDN'T YOU? COME HERE NOW" I didn't move and he ran towards me, he eventually got me and through me into the wall and punched, kicked and slapped me, he went back to eating and I told him I was taking out the rubbish, I grabbed the rubbish and took it to the bin outside and put the bin to the curb. I saw Louis turn up so I crawled towards the bush and got my stuff out and sprinted toward the car, I was really hoping that he didn't see me, the next minute I saw him walk out of the house and start running towards the car "DRIVE LOUIS DRIVEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I screamed as Louis put his foot down on the pedal. "You alright Hails?" Louis asked "yeah I'm fine Lou, thanks so much for coming to get me" "no problem" Lou replied. We got back to his apartment and it was so big and neat which really surprised me cause Lou is not a neat person, I then saw a beautiful girl walk out of a bedroom and I assumed that it was El, Lou was constantly talking about her to me, "hi you must be Hailey, I'm Eleanor but call me El" "yeah I am and its very nice to meet you El," "well Hai, I'm quite sure that your're tired so I will take you to your new room so you can get some rest." Lou took me to my new room and it was huge, it had a king size bed in the middle of the room with a ensuite and walk in wardrobe off to the side, there was a desk by the window for me to do all my homework and a door leading out to a balcony, I felt right at home "so, do you like it?" I heard Lou Say behind me, "No, I love it, thank you so much Lou, you don't understand how much this means to me thanks" I replied giving him a massive hug, "Hailey, its the least I could do after what you have been through" Louis said "Well I'm gonna go to bed cause I'm so tired, night Lou, night El" "Night Hailey" they both chorused.


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