Finding The One [A Niall Horan Love Story]

Niall’s the underappreciated one in the band. All of the fan mail is mostly for the other guys, until Niall finds one that catches his eye. This letter is different from all of the other letters. He thinks he found “The One” and he’ll stop at nothing to find her.


5. Nightmare

Niall's POV

 i was running down the dark street in the pouring rain, trying to escape the hate. the words echoed in my head.

Worthless, Stupid Ugly. i heard the sounds of footsteps behind me.

Niall, give up quit ! no one likes you. some girl said. i kept running slowly runing out of breth. c'mon Niall you know no one likes you!!

i was running, running as fast as i could. i looked behind me. the girl had left. i turned around and ran into some one. that someone was Liam.

Liam helpp me someones chasing me!

why should i Niall, your not in the band any more. Liam said. with a smile on his face.

what! not in One Direction any more? i asked puzzled.

Listen Niall , you equel no more band.  and with that he vanished. Oh niall the person behind me said. crap i forgot about her. i kept running intell i ran into a dead end.  I turned around to see the person coming closer  and closer.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!! i screamed.

Oh niall. she said

i was prepared for anything. someone grabbed my arm and pulled me away. she was around 18.

Niall? she said calmly

Who are you i asked? confused.

Katie is all she said.

your the one i said.

No Niall , im not she said.

then everything went black.

i quickly opend my eyes. it was 2:00 am. by far my worst nightmare

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