Finding The One [A Niall Horan Love Story]

Niall’s the underappreciated one in the band. All of the fan mail is mostly for the other guys, until Niall finds one that catches his eye. This letter is different from all of the other letters. He thinks he found “The One” and he’ll stop at nothing to find her.


4. Insults

Liam's pov

I was playing angry birds on my phone while going up the stairs... until i ran into some one, i looked up to see Niall.

Hey Niall where are you going? i asked

out is all he said.

at 8:30 Night

yup bye he said as he grabed his coat. well that was weird.i  continued to play angry birds.

Niall's POV

it was a cool night. there were many bright stars out. I joged down the street to the mail box and put the letter in.I hope Katie gets the letter soon. i started walking down the street when i started to hear whispers and saw people pointing. saying:

thats niall horan

he shouldent be in the band

hes worthless and ugly

no one likes him.

i started to run home, trying to fight back tears. i turned the door knob and looked down.

Hey Niall, Back so soon Liam asked. i just kept walking.

Niall, whats wrong?

nothing i said while walkin up to my room. i looked at my reflection in the mirrior. my eyes were red and puffy while my face was staned with tears. Maybe i wasent meant to be in the band. i layed down on my bed. i hope things get better. i closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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