Finding The One [A Niall Horan Love Story]

Niall’s the underappreciated one in the band. All of the fan mail is mostly for the other guys, until Niall finds one that catches his eye. This letter is different from all of the other letters. He thinks he found “The One” and he’ll stop at nothing to find her.


3. dinner <3

Niall's POV

I went to the dining room table and sat down. i took some, well most, of the food and ate.

Niall don't over stuff your self Liam said.

But i'm hungry I complained.

What if that girl saw you eat like this, how do you think she would feel?! Harry said

would yo guys just stop already! why cant you just be happy for me! i spat back

You don't even know her how can you think she is the one Louis asked.

i took my plate and stomped to my room. i finshed my dinner in there.

Liam's POV

guys i think were being to hard on him, i said.

He hasent even met this girl for crying out loud Zayn replied.

i know but still i said.

but still nothing, this girl could be a crazy kid napper. Zayn wasent gonna give, hes so stubbern.

Niall's POV

once i finshed dinner i went to to go mail the letter

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