Finding The One [A Niall Horan Love Story]

Niall’s the underappreciated one in the band. All of the fan mail is mostly for the other guys, until Niall finds one that catches his eye. This letter is different from all of the other letters. He thinks he found “The One” and he’ll stop at nothing to find her.


2. A Talk <3


nNialls POV

i kept re-reading the letter i knew  i had to find her.

Niall!! open the door mate! zayn said

WHY! So you can make fun of me?!!

no we just think your getting worked up over one little letter, i mean what if a 40 year old guy wrote it? Zayn replied.

its not a 40 year old guy i mean what guy dots his "I's" with hearts!

Harry does....

well thats harry i  just know this is a girl

Niall we just dont want you to fall so fast for a girl you might never meet

i will meet her just wait and see i said.

i heard Zayn sigh " okay mate" he said before walkin away.

i groaned and ploped down on my bed. im not falling to fast. i went to go look for a penical, paper , envelope, and a stamp.if im her favorite she wouldent mind a letter from me would she? i started to write

Dear Katie

thank you for your lovely letter, it britened my seem like a lovely person and i hope we can meet some day.i hope your doing well and maybe we can stay in touch by texting eachother. hope that works for you

yours truly

Niall <3

i read the letter that i wrote, it seemed like a good response. i folded the letter and put it in the envelope.i closed the letter and licked it closed.i put the stamp on it and after that i put the adress part.


i'll be down in a sec. i replied. i put both of the letters under my pillow

A/N should i keep writing or stop? like comment & favorite thank you guys for reading

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