Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


17. Written


"I can't believe I actually came all the way here to not to know something" Harry rushed through the hall catching up onto Louis that was pre-occupied with other files in hand.   

"Harold, I researched the file and there's hell of a lot of things that I found. But what I want to know is; why are you sniffing around your enemy's back? Are you trying to bring her down or something? because if you are, I can assure you that there are other ways of doing that. What you're doing, Harold, is a very cruel joke. Not even a joke to be honest." Louis was practically a parent scolding at Harry for what he was trying to do. Since he was looking up the case that Harry had told him; Louis figured that the daughter of the woman he was inspecting on about; was in fact Harry's counter part. His court enemy. As Harry's friend; he knew who was a friend or foe to Harry. With an instant spec, he could easily tell weather the person in front of them could get along with Harry. They were definitely of good friends.   

"Excuse me? what are you talking about, Louis?" He was absolutely confused with what Louis had scolded him on about. He scruffed his hair and his brows definitely furrowed.   

"Harry, Gwendalyn Lore's daughter is Savannah Lore. Your opposing counter part in court. Always. Why are you digging into her mother's death? You're not even a criminal lawyer, Harry" Louis came to a stop and turned to Harry practically flailing his arms in the air for more conviction but instead made him look like an idiot who's giving his friend terrible instructions on how to fly.

"I'm a lawyer. I could touch whatever field I'd like to touch. But unfortunately, I don't have that much resources. And that's where you come in the picture. Now could you please just tell me what you found out"  

"No. Not until you tell me why you're doing this" Louis made it clear to Harry that he wanted his purpose of doing this for his return. He wanted to know who she was to Harry, why he was doing this.  

Harry wasn't left with any other choice but to tell Louis of his honest intentions. He kept it far to long for no one to know about it and since Louis was one of the most trustworthy people Harry had ever known, he just gave in into telling him whatever Louis wanted to know and also for exchange of the information that he needed to know of.  

"Look, this is very private. I don't need anyone knowing this. This is serious, alright?"   "Oh god Harry, what is this?" Louis eyes were staring to widen as he became more curious of what Harry was about to tell him.  

"Savannah and I....uhh....shit how do I even say this...uhh umm...we're together" Harry sighing in between his words and said the last few ones as fast as he could and forced closed his eyes not to see what Louis' face would look like because of his reaction to what he just heard.  

"oh....." Harry thought that Louis would send him a punch of some sort, but instead; Louis was completely gobsmacked and speechless. Harry dating Savannah was something he had never imagined happening. He never thought that Harry be in a relationship with such a girl. Yet then again, he's been with various types of girls. But Savannah seemed like the different type of girl for Harry, or maybe because it wasn't what they showed when they were o court or interviewed outside the jury.   

"well then....since that's that; I think you may need to know something else before I tell you what I found" Louis expression turned serious. After what Harry told him, he then realized the weight of the case was on Harry. He started to know the importance of the file he was privately handling for his dear good friend.   

"Oy, Tommo! I need the name of the guy that followed Smith" a tall average looking male interrupted Harry and Louis' conversation to get the information he needed for the case Louis and his team currently had in hand.   

"Derek. But I highly doubt if that's even his real name because even our victim had a fake identity"  

"What? how am I supposed to..?" The guy looked at Louis with annoyance and confusion. How was he supposed to search an entire city with nothing but a fake name given to him. Not even a description was in mind. The person barely existed without a description nor a name.  

"What? You're a detective. Detect" Louis replied with his sarcasm but also with the impression that he was to lazy to search population systems.   

One of the things that Louis loved about his job was that he had his own team. Not that he was the boss or anything, it's was that he had good theories. Annoying and quite irrational at most times but very much useful to the precinct that even their captain was pleased with his performance everytime he'd crack a case open with his wild and sometimes irrational theories and when he gets t wrap up the entire case with justice.  

"Right, okay. Harold, you're not the only one who's digging into the file"  

"What do you mean?" Harry's head came nearer to Louis' giving him a sign to tell him more and be more specific of most info.  

"Savannah's name was signed on the VIP list for the file room. She looked at every single thing in the box. But from what I saw and checked, she got nothing. Probably why she stopped. She done that for almost three years, Harry"  

"All the more reason to keep this private" Harry cocked his head to the air releasing a disturbed sigh and fuck it kind of look.  

"The thing she didn't do was check the M.E.'s files. And from what I found, this wasn't an isolated case. I found two similar deaths and they weren't random"  

"And the M.E. didn't make the connection?"  

"Nope. The three deaths weren't varied. But another thing that I can can tell you is that; this was an organized crime"  

"Were there files served on trial?"   

"Not at all. They didn't even try putting it on mock trial"   

Harry was startled of the tiny bit of splurge that Louis gave him. He didn't know what hit him. He didn't what he just got himself into. All he know was that, what he had begun, he had to finish. But what really tore him apart was the decision of telling Savannah. Since Louis told him that she was analyzing her mothers case for three years and found nothing, while on the other hand he did; Harry felt guilty of the matter. He thought that Savannah placed so much effort into finding something that would make sense yet found nothing til he came digging and found the treasure chest. Yet there was also this part of him that was reeking of pride. That part of himself felt terribly proud that he found out something, that he just cracked the case open, that he could bring back hope into Savannah's eyes. But then again, guilt ate him alive.  


"No. You listen to me, Niall. I'm the band's manager. I'm your manager and you do as I say. When you walk out of this room I want you to get your mind straight or else-" Niall stormed out of the office with a face of rage smothered all over his face  

"I'm not done talking to you, Horan!" Niall continued on walking, ignoring everythhig that his manager was talking about. Every word that he said was loud and clear but not to Niall. Everything turned into a mumble when it went straight into Niall's ears. In to the left and out of the right. All words were blabber and unacknowledged.   It's been a while since Niall's been active with his career especially with his band. As one of the guitarist and lead vocalist, Niall was basically known as the leader of the band. Well known in fact. He was always at the middle. Front and center. Yet lately, he's been difficult with copping. The last time was productive was till their previous tour had ended. Till then, the band's been hanging out without him. It was his person choice of not joining them. His band mates always had to make up really good excuses to the press for them not to make inquisitions that Niall gave up on the band. None of them knew what Niall was up to, what he'd been dealing with. He bottled everything inside of him. Showing every person in the world that he was happy and that everything was okay till the day ends. Mostly people who were like this would cry at night or get drunk for everything to fade away, but not Niall. Niall made it seem so easy. Like he was the happiest person on earth. But really, neither did he know for himself how he really felt. He forgot how to feel. He couldn't be like others who would just cry it out or wash it out with alcohol or scotch nor whiskey. No. It was the most difficult of all difficulties. Neither did he know how he'd been able to bear with it for almost a year since the tour had ended. The tour was a great distracted him greatly. Which he was definitely greatful for, though at times when he was alone, it all goes back to being blank. He was a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on.    None. No one ever knew about anything that ached in him. That crushed him. That stabbed him right through.   At least that's what he thought.......  

"Hey Ire," a voice sounded from the back, along with a heavy hand placed on his shoulder  

"Ugh could you stop calling me that?" Niall really wasn't in the mood for nick names nor insults. He dusted the hand away from his shoulders and letting out a pissed off sigh  

"What? you're Irish" the guy said with a chuckle on the back of his throat  

"Fucking hell, Josh" Niall murmured and turned to sight wherein he couldn't see Josh.   

"Woah....... okay...... well this seems serious. Wanna tell your mate?" Josh pulled up an amplifier close to the one Niall was sitting on and sat beside him. Josh was one o Niall's closest friend in the band. They were practically brothers despite the fans making a relationship out of their closeness.

"I saw her last weekend" Niall said in the most audible tone he could, putting his head playing with his hands as if he were matching them all together.  

"Her? you mean Anna?"  

"Yeah, Savannah" Niall smiled of the thought that his friend knew who he was talking about. It made him realize that at least one of his band mates is aware of his state.  

"Well that's good right? I noticed how you've been acting up lately and uhh..." Josh had no idea what to say next he wanted to tell Niall to get inspiration from her of some sort but instead his words just faded in realization that he might offend him.  

"She's with someone now. And it's far more different than I expected" Niall couldn't even look at Josh when he was talking. Like he was completely embarrassed of the fact that Savannah wasn't his. He spoke so slowly that it almost took him an entire medley to finish those two short sentences.   

"Mate, with all honesty; I don't know how to help you on this. But what I can tell you is to write." Josh assured Niall with a light and quick pat o the back.  


"Yup. Write it all out, Ire. Look, weather you deny it or not; I know for a fact that our recent album was all about her. If not, then majority of the songs is all about or dedicated to her" Niall had no idea of how that even passed Josh's mind. Niall wrote all the songs on their previous album, and Josh was right. Every song was about and dedicated to Savannah.   

"How'd you-"  

"I saw you during soundcheck one time. You were on stage trying out your acoustic segment. Dude, you were really into it that I heard you sniffing" Josh's sincere statement turned out into a joke because of his lack of proper terms.  

"I can't write about her anymore. Fans will know"  

"Horan, it's either you write again- which actually helps or we get you to the doctors as early as possible" Josh stood up from the amp and made his statement clear. Really meant it. He figured that if he doesn't do something, Niall would be back to his suicidal self. And once Niall gets back to that; it's hard to drag him back light.  

"I don't know, mate. I don't know if I can write about her. Heck, I don't even know what and how I actually feel for her" Niall's face was washed up with a pensive look.   

"Write whatever you feel, Ire" Josh breathed out a sigh and gave Niall a quick pat on the back and left.   


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