Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


27. Work Ethics


"I specialize in troubled situations and when I left here at 7PM this case wasn't in jeopardy so I'm just trying to figure out what happened in the in-room"  

"Everything on this deal turned into bullshit and you turn up as my closer? You're a divorce attorney"  

"Brilliant. At least you know that I'm a closer. I bet you have no knowledge that I am allowed to practice any field that I please" Savannah looked at the male client, raising her eyebrow looking as cocky as ever. As if all of a sudden she became female Styles.  

"Now, it says here that Cooper won't be on as honorary VP of the company..." She read out loud from the folder she hand in her hands  

"That's right. And I don't want him around" the client interrupted before letting Savannah continue  

"Well he wouldn't be around. It's an honorary position" Savannah stated and gave emphasis on the word- honorary

  "I don't give a shit" the client turned pensive when Savannah was making her point  

"I think you do because that what's changed since I left which means it's you who's been dealing in bad faith" Savannah answered back shutting close the folder in had raising her head with her respectable tone yet know-it-all annoying attitude.  

"Now that you've got a grasp on what's happening, what the hell are you gonna do about it? Because I don't want him to get that title"  

"Okay, let me just make sure that I'm understanding this; we negotiated a deal that we give you everything you want and then Mr. Cooper signed it, and now you won't close until you take away that last shred of his dignity?" Savannah rolled her looked around in the room seeming like an innocent puppy yet annoying her client enough that he'd be forced to allow her to close the case   


"Well that's not gonna happen you dickhead" Savannah retorted her head a tad bit backwards  

"and why not?"   

"Because I think Mr. Cooper's a nice person and my firm does not operate in bad faith" Savannah walked closer to him eyeing him down with dagger eyes  

"You don't work for Cooper, you're on my side. So get him to sign or else I'm gonna get someone else to do this case for me" the client's voice raised on her with his sight slightly looking down  

"First of all, I don't like this case, second of all, no one in this fucking world would like your case because of..hmmm let's see, oh right! because of you. Third, the way our agreement works is that; the minute Cooper signs the deal our fee was due and payable which is why at 7:30 I recieved confirmation of a wire transfer from your bank indicating payment in full" Savannah walked passed her client, smiling to herself briefly explaining the matter and pulled out a peice of paper from beneath the folder that she was holding earlier, unfolding it into the letter that it is and showing it to her client as if it was a mocking sign. Saying it back and forth from left to right to annoy him and then folding it back and keeping it again.  

"So basically, If I were you, I'd get my balls in there and close the god damn deal" Savannah stood up from the single couch and walked closer to him eye to eye telling him like a threat.  

"You let her talk to me like this?" her client turned his face to the other person inside the room watching them have the conversation and also observing on how Savannah does her job so well.   

"Savannah speaks for the firm" Donna, Savannah's boss, replied to the client. Casually sitting on the other side of the room patiently watching the both of them  

With that of course led to her client leaving the room with a pensive face and Savannah laughing at herself for once another win for her.  

"We got payed before he signed the deal?" Donna stood up, walked up to Savannah grabbing the paper she had in hand   

"What are you talking about? This is an endorsement letter of some kid for an internship"  

"Oh, white lie haha" Donna chuckled and gave back Savannah the letter  

Savannah's schemes at her work were pretty much really smart in tactics and truly sly. She was the thinnest snake in the firm but everyone respected her.           





// So to the everyone reading my fanfic, thank you for being very patient, there's a long way to go and basically I update every Monday :))) if you wanna ask questions or anything you can just message me on my Tumblr: //  

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