Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


28. What It Is

Tussel and turning. Harry did so underneath the thick fluffy comfortable white duvet he was covered with. Closed eyes, he could spot a color of flesh. Slowly opening his lids and he gets blinded by the smiling sun through the massive window he was facing. He woke up in an unknown place. Not familiar at all. Along with a aroma of food. Like a perfect Sunday morning waking up after a long night of sex. But this one was different, he had no idea where he was nor what he did the night before. Completely blacked out and in awe of the sight he was currentyly faced with at that very moment. He checked himself under the duvet he was covered with- clothes on, shoes placed nest to the couch he was on and his blazer on the rack. 

"So I didn't have sex last night......where the fuck am I?" Harry's grunged morning voice nearly hurted his throat still drowning and burned from all the alcohol he drank last night. He cleared his throat several times while trying to think of something that would make sense. Hitting his head because of the obvious hangover he just got, running his hands through his glorious curls and thinking so hard to himself that it almost pained him so hard. 

A few minutes followed and he heard someone walk into the room he was in. Raven - hair, tattooed guy. This made Harry worry even more. Not only did he wake up in a place he didn't know, he spent the night with a guy. 

"I had breakfast done" he said to Harry 

"" Harry was just staring at him, not even answering politely. Just plainly staring

"Where the hell am I? Who the fuck are you? What did you do to me?" Harry started panicing and shooting questions like how a nervous person would shoot a machine gun

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! First of all, you were hell of a lot drunk last night and no I did not do anything to you you're welcome. I am not gay. Just because I'm skinny and shirtless right now does not mean that I did you through the night. Now since you're that polite, eat the brekfast that I forced myself to make" He figured what Harry had obvioulsy running through his mind. Defending himself from the very nice and considerate act that he did for Harry that night. 

"What's your name?" Harry swooped himself up the couch and tried to walk straight beside the guy. 

"I'm Zayn. You're Harry. We've been through this last night how often do you get drunk? Can't you bring a friend with you whenever you do this at least you don't end up in strangers houses? Oh wait, maybe that's how you get around" Zayn turned around exiting the room, obviously with the strong attitude that Harry provoked on him

"My apologies for bringing up such a cranky mood to yourself" Harry said to Zayn, apologising for his rude manners that wasn't completely supposed to be

"Man, this bloke's like a bird....probably PMS-ing" Harry murmured his blunt opinion to himself

"I heard that!" Zayn yelled out from outside the living room in which Harry was still in



"What's wrong with you? You're off today" Charolette smacked the papers onto Savannah's table asking 

"Wh- what? off? I'm not off. Where's my tea?" Savannah was staring blankly into nowhere, answering back to Charolette shaking her head and red rimmed eyes.

"Savannah, I may be your assistant but we've known each other for 13 years now, I know you that well. And sweet cheeks, your tea is right beside your computer, just turn your head a tad bit to the right. See, you are definitely off" Charolette stated to Savannah which she already said was completely spaced out and not even prepared for work

Savannah was present at work physically but not mentally. She's been different in the environment of her work lately. Different attitude, everything almost about her being Ms. Lore changed inside the firm and court. Increase of aggression, much more greedy when it comes to cases, selfish, even turned into a narcissist. No one knew how and what happened to Savannah for her to act this way, and the fact that no one knows where she goes after her hours, usually she'd go home and start working on files and cases there and Charolette and her would be discussing matters on the phone but not this past few weeks, no one knows where she goes, what she does, none. None of it all. 

Savannah wasn't radiant any longer. Her fire needed fuel, and right now the fuel wasn't there. Though it was, she blocked it from her system. She knew what she needed and wanted but refused to admit it to herself. Never even utter the name, though it hurt, the pain it caused her  every night brought her nothing but deep sorrow and everything turned into a burden that not even her good music taste made her happy. She occupied and distracted herself with heaps of cases and to help her with it, Savannah avoided divorce cases because of the well kown fact that, whenever a divorce case is filed, it'll always be Harry and her that'll be against each other in court. And that was something she didn't want. She didn't want to out bluntly punch him in the face and then suddenly pull his head towards her face and just start kissing him. She was mad at Harry. So mad that she had absolutely no idea of what and how she felt about him. She wanted him back but she didn't know what to do, she pushed him out and shut herself locked. She caved in. She needed him. 

And the same way around.

"Oh my god holy shit!" Charolette blurtted out while staring at Savannah

"What? what happened? what's going on?" Svannah seemed worried and concerened to Charolette's reaction of what she just realized or found out about.

"I get it now"

"Get what, Charolette?" Savannah was already on the edge of her chair wanting to know what Charolette is on about

"You always come to me asking for cases, more and more almost every single day even if you're already in between jobs, specifically divorce cases; and now you don't want to touch any of those cases and handling others, you're using your license as an excuse" Charolette was getting into it 

"What are you getting to?"

"Anna, I know, everybody knows that whenever you're on a divorce case the only opposing council is Styles. And right now, I get it that you're avoiding him. Infact, both of you are avoiding each other- yes I know about that to, David told me that he hasn't been accepting divorce accounts as well. What's up?

"How did you get all that with one look at me?" Savannah was impressed but also startled by the fact that Charolette knew within an instant which made her worry if Harry and her were an obvious couple

"Anna, I've known you for 13 years so don't question my knowledge. Now, the question is- are you both avoiding each other because you like each other or you liked each other? emphasis on the liked, honey" Charolette lean onto Savannah's desk looking straight into Savannah's eyes waiting for an answer.

All the Savannah got ot do was swallow so loudly that it made pretty much obvious for Charolette to know everything else that she wasn't supposed to know 

"Wow, no wonder you two are vicious when it comes to court" Charolette laughed to herself, turned around and walked out of Savannah's office.


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