Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


9. Warmth

"I can't do this anymore Harry, I-" her words slurring from her mouth while tears continued to stream down

"Savannah, please babe, don't say anything like that. Sweet heart, you're just having those days" Harry was talking as fast and as caring as he could to try and calm her down. Adamant that he'd get her to know that nothing's wrong and that everything was fine.

"Harry, I need you, please" she begged in tears, almost whispering into air but was loud enough for him to hear.

"Savannah, love, I need you as well. I miss you a lot" he clearly stated to her with his loving voice that actually did calm that tight part in her heart. 

"Look, babe, my schedule says I'm not too busy for the entire day till tomorrow. And since that's that, I'm driving back. Alright?"

Savannah's face lit up a tad bit given the fact that she was going to see Harry again. After a month of separation. She's never been this clingy to people around her. But he made her feel different. A few days not being with him was tolerable for but a month of not seeing him made her go nuts. 

"Thank you, Harry"

"Savannah? you know I love you, right? you know I need you, right?"

"Yes, why?"

"Good, because one day, I plan on getting tied up with you" His voice turned from all concern to madly in love. When Savannah heard what he said, she had second thoughts on what he said, she didn't know what he meant by that because her mind was too pre-occupied by her cruel dream but right when she was about to say something, she got cut off by him leaving her with the three words she she longed for and followed by a click at the end of the phone. As she came to her senses, she crawled back up into her bed, and snuggled the pillows that gathered around her, smiling, but still in tears. She was both happy and sad. Happy that he was coming back and of what he had told her. sad because what if work would interfere once he got there? and even just his absence itself. The sadness that filled her mind was plainly caused by doubts and thoughts. The ones that she needed to ignore but did not. Instead she paid more attention to them which made her hurt even more every time she envisions them in the back of her mind. 


Savannah couldn't go back to sleep. Everything was just disturbing her. Back and forth in her mind. As if someone was pounding on a door that he forced not to open. She swiftly got up of her bed and walked over to her work desk piled with papers and folders along with her laptop. She sat and started running over them, reading, analyzing, cracking the case up like what she does best. She distracted herself away from everything. Unlike other women, Savannah's distraction from pain in the real world was work. She loved her job. She felt like she was watching a movie every time she was working, it gave her comfort, and definitely brought out her personality and what she was good at. It's been hours since she came from bed and started working on the case; she didn't notice that 3 hours have already passed since her phone call with Harry. A few minutes later, she heard the knob of the door of her flat slightly rattling. She figured that someone must've tried to break in; since the building that she lived in had a bit of history when it comes to break ins. She grabbed her heavy briefcase and carried it with two hands over her shoulder, ready to swing it over someone who might be uninvited. Tip toeing across her living room making it to the door, she turned the knob and what came to her was a surprise, the door was unlocked; which she was sure she had left locked when she went to bed. But a few minutes later, she heard silent pats of shoes coming from inside of her flat, she heard it nearing her from behind. taking in a deep, she closed her eyes and turned around, with all her paced onto her forearms, she swung her briefcase across what or who was in front of her but the swing immediately came to a stop as the briefcase was grabbed from her.

"Ms Savannah Lore, I drove for four hours and this is what I get as a welcoming committee?" Harry was in front of her. His tall, broad, masculine built standing right in front of her small frame

"Harold Styles, excuse you, but I never gave you a key to my house, how the hell did you get in?" in shock and wide eyed, Savannah bluntly asked him

"uhh I thought you needed me? I thought you missed me? turns out after a month of me not being around you, you become self defensive and all lawyer-ed up on me" shaking his head as he chuckled out the thought

She let go of the briefcase in her hands and tossed to the couch and just gave into Harry with  lousy but welcoming tight hug and sighed when she felt his body against hers, when his arms wrapped around her body, when she felt the warmth of his body warming up the coldness that filled her up. She tilted her head and looked up to him without letting go of their hug.

"I missed you, Styles" she uttered in a sigh that she released out of comfort

"I missed you too, Savannah. I love you, okay? I'm always here"



// I am so sorry that it took me almost a month to update, it's just that I was on vacation mode and I was lazy. But anyways, I'm back to writing again. Opinions or reactions on the story so far? //

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