Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


16. Tumble Desk


It was a dead Monday morning. Nothing to do. Usually, Louis would be bombarded by calls to wherein there are new cases or at least follow ups on current cases. But this day was completely dull. Louis was practically dying of boredom, so bored that he decided to call in a guest of his own. As a teaser or much more of a player to be exact- Louis barely remembered names. Though if there was something to remember it would've definitely be what had happened.  


Louis flipped her to the desk fast, with her back crashing down and demolishing the rest of the set up as she fought to get his pants down and he pushed her jeans to her ankles. She looped my restricted legs around Louis', hooking her ankles around his calves and digging her fingernails into the hard plump skin of his ass as he slammed into her, rattling the drawers of the desk and sending the legs traveling a few inches with his force.   

“Fuck, like that,” she moaned and he licked up her throat, closing his lips around her chin before capturing her bottom lip, pulling his hips back and slamming into her again. She pushed her hips up to meet his and he thrust down, impaling her and pinning her to the desk with a heavy groan.  They fought against each others bodies like that, with her fighting for dominance from underneath him while his adrenaline kept her in her place from above. Until she won, flipping him to his back and seating herself fully on his hard cock. None of them knew whose sweat was coating who's skin, his or hers as she rode him but the intoxicating scent of their pheromones swirled in the air and pushed her to fuck him harder.   

“Jesus Christ, it’s so good, love,” his voice taking on it’s morning rasp over his arousal as his head lifted to watch their bodies clash together and pull apart in rapid succession. She placed her fingers to his lips and his tongue lashed out against them, just what she needed from him as she pulled them away and pressed them to her throbbing clit, driving it in hard circles while he watched, his body tight from exertion and his cheeks flamed.  

“Oh God,” she gasped into the space above their heads as her walls closed around him and she came hard. Louis gripped her sides and used the hard strength of his arms to keep her moving on his thrumming sex until he held her up on her knees and took to thrusting up inside her in fast hard movements. She gasped and bent forward, with her palms flat to his chest as he fucked her, extending her orgasm and bringing on his own.  

Louis  bit down on his lip as his cock pulsed and she felt the first shots of his warmth deep inside of her.

“Fuck,” She groaned, his eyes squeezing closed as his head fell back on his glistering neck until he’d emptied completely.

She lay against him as he caught his breath and licked his lips, unable to open his eyes over his exhaustion. Both their breathing were erratic. Exhausted and pulsive.   

Louis' eyes came to a quick open when his phone that was lying on the floor bleeped. He took a peek from the corner of his eye and saw the small font of Harry's name on it. Louis grabbed his phone and read the preview of the message through the home screen.

"I'm a block away from the precinct." Harry was on his way. Louis knew what it was about. He prompt himself up and lifted her up.  

"Babe, you gotta go. I've got things to do. Plus; I've got to fix the desk. It isn't mine" Louis told her panting and still trying to catch his breath in between words. She nodded and stood up from the table leaving him a wet lavishing kiss.  

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