Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


3. Tricks


Harry walked into the courtroom with much confidence. He placed his briefcase on top of the desk, taking out a few papers tapping them together; he pursed his lips and took in a deep breath through his teeth. Savannah glared at him through across the room. A mean stare- as if he was a criminal in disguise and that only she knew about it. Her eyes landed on his full lips as a vivid flashback of him thrusting into her dashed through her mind. She remembered the last thing Harry told her before she left his office. She tried to hide her want of him. Harry saw her looking worried, figuring she must’ve thought of the deal they made a few minutes back. He gave her a quick wave with two fingers raised higher than the rest and shot a smile as well. She shot back another glare at him then looked away right before she reviewed the papers placed on top of her table before the judge entered the room.


“I’ll hear opening arguments” the judge officially opened the case as she pounded the gravel on the pad. Savannah stood up, straightening the front side of her skirt as she stated her argument; “your honour; I would like to move for continuance, it’s come to our attention that discrepancies exist concerning reporting for assets naming several valuable works of art-“ Harry cut her off stating his opinion on her opening argument, raising his hand as he stood up and clearing his throat; “uh, may I interject your honour, “ He faced Savannah with a shot of curiosity, “uhm you mean uh paintings, sculptures? Stuff like those?” “Exactly” she nodded in agreement with a quite confused look. “Paintings like this Sicily? Or this….Morisot?” showing her the photos he took out from his bag. Still confused as she is, “actually yes….” Her eyes widened from astonishment of his quick catch up on the case. “Mhmmm…..though so” he swiped his middle finger across his lower lip and dropped the stack of photos on the table. “Not my kind of thing. If I was Mr Prescott, I would’ve given it away; which he did- anonymously to a prominent gallery” he confidently explained while he placed his right hand in the pocket of his trousers. Harry continued as she just sat there astounded. “I’m surprised the Mrs Prescott didn’t tell you about this;”  he turned to her, holding up a document on display her to take a close look. “See her signature the uhm…bottom of the uhm uh donation document” pointing over at the signature. She found him intellectually annoying. Savannah wanted to punch right in front of the judge and jury.

“And oh which reminds me your honour; I’d like to move for continuance, I’ve just been retained as Mr Prescott’s council and I hadn’t have time to fully research on all aspects of the case…” Harry clearly stated as he took his sit. “I’ll give you week” as the jury pounded the gravel onto the pad, returning the case into a pending. 

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