Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


6. Thoughts


Harry waited for her to respond but nothing came out of her mouth. Only a blank stare shooting him with her eyes like daggers. There was something about a name that made the matter heavy. He wanted to own her. And he wanted her to own hi in return. A physical-intimate love hate relationship was his ideal but Savannah was a challenge for him. He didn’t know how to get to her nor how to break down the thick glass she’s behind. He couldn’t compare it to a brick wall because Savannah was an open book- honest, transparent and opinionated yet she was still reserved at some point. A point wherein people barely reach or see because the glass is too thick for people to pass through.

Well, we’re obviously on the same page, BUT! Both different books” Savannah stated as she lifted the lower half of her body to bring herself a rise from the couch. Harry just followed her faced as she stood up in front of him, still staring in awe. “Now, if you’d excuse me; I have to use the bathroom. Would you mind pointing it to me?” Harry quickly blinked his wide green orbs and brought himself back into reality. He stood up and went a bit forward towards her direction, “down the hall, third door to the right” he cleared his throat and pointed out. As she shuffled her feet to the bathroom, Harry made a quick trip to his personal bathroom which was located inside his bedroom. Freshening himself up, splashing his face with cold water to wake him up and took in a bit of mints. “Pull yourself together, Harold. She probably doesn’t even like you. Maybe what happened a while ago in your office was just her stress reliever. UGH fucking hell! Why does it always have to be the hard ones, Harold?” Facing his mirror, questioning himself, not knowing what to do as if he was almost ranting to a person named Harold in front of him. He like referring to himself as Harold sometimes, he considers it as a slight insult to himself, but most likely because Harold makes him sound smart rather than Harry. After his quick refreshing, he went out into the hall hoping that she was still inside his loo. And with luck, she was still locked inside. He waited beside the bathroom door, impatiently tapping his foot onto the floor. His mind was running wild. After what happened in his office earlier, He wanted more of her, he needed her. As soon as he heard the door knob slightly turning, he stood parallel against the wall and straightened himself up. Savannah gently emerged out into the hall, closing the door shut not noticing the figure standing on her side. 


// I'm sorry if this chapter's REALLY short; it's because the next one is gonna be entirely smut and extremely long. Any comments about the story?//

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