Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


1. The Two Councils

She stormed into Harry’s office, finding him playing with his name plate placed on his desk. She looks at him with furrowed eyebrows as she tries to have a conversation with him, taping her foot on the carpeted floor and clearing her throat-

“A-ahem” she tried getting Harry’s attention.

“Hm?” he gives her a short response, acknowledging her presence yet ignoring her.

“Savannah Lore, I represent Mrs. Prescott; I realized that you just started to familiarize yourself with the case and….uh uhm excuse me but are you even listening?”

“Mhm” Harry nods his head in agreement yet still ignoring her- pre occupied with the name plate that he’s playing with.

“Mr. Styles” she slightly raises her voice at him in frustration as too she figured he wasn’t even listening to a single word she was saying. He raised his head along with a cheeky grin. He walked towards her, placing his right hand on the desk, rested his left forearm on his lower back, and swung his left leg behind his right. Savannah let out a slight sigh in annoyance and again called out his voice with a mildly angry tone. He leaned in close to her, cocked up his eyebrow and asked her

“what were you saying?”

The sound of his husky voice sent shivers down her spine that made her eye unintentionally twitch. She scanned him down from the tip of his shoes to the tip of the highest strand of hair placed on his head.

“Uh I…I-um…I w-w-wanted to t…t-talk about the um uh case” she stuttered into a murmur in reply to his question as her eyes landed on a view of his pudgy heart shaped soft lips. She was completely overwhelmed with how well he looks, butterfly collared white crisp shirt tucked into his trousers topped with a simple black blazer. He was absolutely stunning.

He nudged his head even closer to her face;

“pardon?” he asked her with a dimpled smile. She pulled away from Harry, cleared her throat and blocked all distracting thoughts in her mind.

“Mr. Styles-“he cuts her off as soon as she tries to continue the conversation.

“Harry.” He told her with a smoulder.

“I don’t use first name basis with opposing councils” she clearly stated as soon as she continued with the matter;

“anyways, as I was saying; it has come to our attention that certain assets accumulated the marriage up and-“ Harry was giving Savannah looks- looks that made her blood rush through her entire body up till her cheeks, growing warm and slightly pink. She tried to restrain, but her body had a mind of its own that entire moment, she held no control of it. Harry was completely aware of what was happening. He was aware of her body getting warmer and warmer the longer he stares and her turning flustered by him. He knew Savannah was avoiding eye-contact with him as she babbles on about the divorce case that they were both handling. She was on a roll going on about the topic just as her eyes landed on a sight of his Harry’s tongue gliding through his bottom lip; it distracted her, causing her to start stuttering once again. At that moment, she wanted him. He was teasing her, he knew she wanted him, and he wanted Savannah as well.

“-A-and counterforce so I…I-I’ve come to what I b-believe is an uh a-accu-accurate estimate of them- of the missing-“

Harry wasn’t able to hold in his urge of crashing his lips onto hers. She tried to pull away but she gave in as soon as hand slid down her back, pulling her in closing the space between them.

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