Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


12. That Question

"Ms Lore, you're due in court in 15 minutes" a lady quickly knocked on her open door as she quickly stated.

"Okay thank you, Charlotte" Savannah raised her head thanking the lady loud enough for her to hear as soon as she briskly walked away from her office.

Savannah got a hold of the phone on her desk pressing on a single button most perhaps connecting her to the receptionists desk. "Brent, is Mr Akins there yet?" 

"Yes ma'am, he's been here for over 10 minutes now" the young man replied to the question formally.

"Okay, please tell him I'll be there in a minute or two and that we're due in court in about twelve minutes or so" she said as she gathered up all the files on her table followed by the drop of the phone to its base. She compiled everything that she would've needed for that day in court, papers, photos, evidences, everything that she needed to defend her client from the opposing council which was nonetheless, Mr Harry Styles. They were professional when at work. Not even a stain of their love for each other was tainted on their face. Walking out of her office, along way she picked up Mr Akins and discussed with him on how she was going about with his case, how she was going to do all her tongue twisting theories for the judge and jury to buy and believe her defense for her client to get the larger half of the pact. Funny thing was, Harry was doing the same with his client in their own law firm which in tell that they were also on their way to court. Harry and Savannah liked to play games with their battles in court. Mostly bets. Bets on money, whoms house who was gonna be a maid for, but their favourite was their first game ever; whoever wins stays under and gets pleasured by how he or she wanted.

Both companies at the place at almost the same time, they both let their clients in the room and take their seats as  they requested that they may have a quick council between council meeting. Closing the big doors, they stared each other in the eye, their eyes spoke with them. Till Harry opened his mouth with a question,

"Are you a friend or foe?" squinting his eyes as he threw his question to her. "What's the game, Ms Lore?" asking her with his tone of challenge as he nudged his head as they both stared each other down.

"I haven't done my chores" still ongoing with their eye battle

"Fine, I'll be your maid. But if I win, you'll be my maid"

"Done deal, Styles." she said with a Devil's smirk half across her face and turned facing the door till Harry grabbed her on her forearm tightly, nearing his head to her hear for a whisper,

"My slutty maid" his voice sent down shiver to her guts. Eyelashes fluttered to the eargasm she just received. Leaving her speechless, he left her and walked into the room with his pool deep dimples placed on his face. Savannah followed in next and made her way to her and her client's table. Completely different people in court. Cold blooded killers. Selfish grudgy greyhounds. Fire breathing dragons. 


After a long day of work, poofed and flustered, Savannah walked into her flat quickly placing her things on the couch, walking to her room, removing her clothes and making her way over to her shower. Despite her tiredness, her mind still wandered around, The water was hot. Her mind alternated from Harry’s face to his abs, to the bulge in his pants, to memories of all the times she’d seen him walking around completely naked. The pictures in her mind changed in the middle of dirty thoughts she would never, in a million years, share with anyone.

The shower door popped open with a wet squeak. Savannah screamed. Anticipating her reaction, Harry grabbed her around the middle and held her still. It only took a second. Then he pushed her to the glass and kissed her hard. She slapped at his bare chest, registering in slow motion that he was here, in her shower, and that she was naked, and so was he. 

“Oh my god,” she whimpered. Two of Harry’s thick, heavy fingers slipped between her already soaked folds and jacked up deep inside her. She made a guttural noise.  

“We had a deal” Harry growled in her ear as he pumped his hand. She was deliciously slick. 

Savannah finally regained some of her senses and grabbed a handful of Harry’s hair. Pulling as hard as she could, she wrenched his face away from her neck. He yelped in pain.

“Fuck you,” she spat. “Fuck you, Harry. I uhhh oh god…”

He pushed his thumb into her clit and she moaned shortly before biting the sound in half. She was too breathless to scream for him. Harry smiled at her attempt to defy him. Then he stroked his thumb back and forth across her hot button.

“… I won the case, Harry” she managed to finish. “Fuck you.”

Harry freed his fingers with a pop, grabbed two handfuls of her ass and put her right into his lap. Every jerk of his hips ran his cock between the flat of his stomach and the smooth, bare mound of her pussy. He lifted her easily – up and down, up and down. Then he stopped, holding her up, prodding her slit with his head.

Savannah groaned. She knew the size she was expecting, just the tip spreading her swollen place was too much. She capitalized on his hesitance. Harry turned the tables, she won the case. But Harry decided on playing it on her. Harry’s first instinct was to drop her so hard onto his dick that they’d both come all at once. He might get off a thrust or two but he’d be creaming inside her before he could even breathe. Instead, he turned off the water and hauled her toward the door, right out of the bathroom and threw her on the bed. Before she could stop bouncing, he was on top of her with his tie in hand.

“I know you won. See? I'm on top. I just changed the rules a bit”

He pinned both her hands back with one of his own. Harry wrapped the tie around one wrist, twisted and dropped it around the other. He did it slowly, so she could ask him to stop if she wanted him to. When she made no attempt to stop him, he threaded the ends of the tie through the headboard and pulled so hard, she slid an inch up the mattress.

“Fuck,” she cursed.

“If you insist.” Harry shoved her thighs apart, sliding up against her until he could tease her open again. One tiny move would do it now. His face was an inch from hers.

“Harry, with all honesty; I'm too tired to have sex” Savannah asked, her tone alarmed.

Harry looked down into the eyes he’d tried to read so many times and knew there was no way he could stop himself. He couldn’t even wait long enough to try. But he would never hurt her.

“Were you thinking about me in the shower?”

“Yes,” she admitted. She wasn’t ashamed.


She wanted to scream. If her hands were free, she’d have punched him. Harry traced the outer curve of her breast with his fingers. “Do you want me here,” he asked in a sure voice, palm rolling over her hard nipple. His cock throbbed against her bundle of nerves, “And here?” He touched the bottom of her stomach lightly. “Yes or no, Savannah,” Harry demanded. A thousand times yes, her body screamed. But Savannah’s mind rioted. She wasn’t even breathing. She wanted him so badly, wanted all of the tension that had been strangling them to finally snap. She wanted to throw him out the window. 

Something, anything… Harry waited, then put his lips to her ear, “Because I want you.”

The line between what they had been and everything else disappeared in Savannahs’s mind. “Yes –”

Her words were swallowed by the curse she let out as a reaction to a swing of Harry’s hips. He pushed steady and strong, right up into her stomach, it felt like. She bit her lip until Harry kissed her, tenderly this time. He grunted as he forced himself as deep as he could go, terrified of stopping because it would be over. She was so tight; the strangled noise in her throat said that he was hurting her, but also that she liked it.

Harry would normally have smiled at her epithet because she was cute when she cursed. But he was concentrating hard enough to levitate them both off the mattress. He needed to get a few strokes in, establish some rhythm so he could make this last. Savannah swore again as he rocked his length into her. Harry pulled on the end of the tie for leverage, using his other hand to push her leg up over his hip. She was unbelievably tight. Or maybe he was just that big. He groaned as she nearly squeezed the orgasm out of him.

“That’s it,” he said, the blood flow returning to his brain. He’d been scared for a minute, thinking that he’d gone too far, that he’d really hurt her. He would never forgive himself. But this was the Savannah he knew; the way he always imagined she would be. He flicked the tie free of the headboard and pinned her again while he knotted her hands to each other. Harry pulled the tie like a leash until her arms were around his neck and lowered himself all along her body. With a soft kiss to her mouth, Harry pushed off one massive thigh and rolled her on top.

She squealed against his lips as she landed hard on his cock. Harry took two handfuls of her ass and began bouncing her. Her perfect breasts swung tantalizingly but he couldn’t reach without allowing her to free her arms. He still had plenty of ideas for her while tied, if he lived to see them. He levered up hard, held her down hard. Her eyes were closed.

“Look at me,” he said. She did, just as his thumb found her clit and she closed her eyes again, clamping down a cry. Harry timed his hand to his hips and pushed her right up. She still wanted to punch him. Harry hauled her down and kissed her. Savannah swiveled her hips, giving as good as she got. She sensed Harry was covering something with his kiss.

“Almost there, baby?” she purred.

“You wish.”

“Mmm, I do. I want to feel it,” she teased, rolling down hard. “I want to hear you –”

Harry pushed his head back and roared. It made her laugh. She had a little bit of control after all.

Harry tweaked her clit, stopping her mid-laugh. She made an unintelligible noise. To him it sounded like a white flag waving in the wind. He would have her here and now. She would come first and he would say when. Then he would have the thing he wanted more than anything else.

“Sav, babe” he whispered in her ear, working his mouth hard against her throat. “God I love fucking you,” he admitted.  

Savannah couldn’t think. Her defenses would have pushed back but her brain was scrambled. Harry was only hurting her a little bit and it was totally overwhelmed by all the pleasure building between her hips. Everywhere his hands touched, she burned; everywhere his lips met, her skin blistered. It was all she could do to move against him. Harry was so close to coming that every punishing thrust hurt him more than her. He was harder than he had ever been.

He kissed her lips, “If I untie you, promise to be nice?”

“I'll try”  she opened her eyes and saw his face, that face she knew so well. She bucked hard against him as he pumped. He kissed her again and again, abandoning his earlier words and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. That was the last line of resistance. Savannah screamed as she came. Harry kept his mouth to hers and pounded her right through it. Her back arched off the bed, grinding every last ounce of feeling against him before they both collapsed. She stared blankly at the ceiling. They were in a tangle of body parts, still catching their breath. His lips found her throat and kissed the racing pulse beneath her skin.  

“Savannah,” he said quietly. Nearly squashing her in the process, he rolled free and untied her hands for the first time in almost an hour. She didn’t even care. Harry gently turned her face, so close they were nearly kissing. The anger was gone, drained away with his release and replaced with worry. His arms went around her slack body. He rubbed her wrists to return circulation to them. She was going to die of pleasure. 

“Hey. Did I hurt you?”

She squeezed her eyes shut. He might want to kill her, the same way she wished she could give him a black eye for storming into her house, but Harry would never really do anything to hurt her. She had seen how he looked at her before they got started. He would have stopped if she had asked him to.

“No.” she rolled into his embrace and kissed his neck, before burying her head in the hollow of his throat.

“You sure about that?”

She breathed a ‘yes’ into his skin. Harry kissed her forehead, “Good. Because… holy shit.”

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