Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


13. Tattooed Nuisance

"Morning babe, sore?" greeting Savannah with his charming tone and precious smile giving her a small wave of the spatula he was holding.   

"Nothing I can't handle" shuffling her feet towards him giving him a nice tight good morning hug.  

"Tea?" Harry offered her as he faced the kitchen counter pouring hot water into a cup with nothing but a tea bag in it.   

"Yes please" climbing onto the stool on the opposite side of the counter. "Thank you"  

Harry turned his back, returning to the pan he was cooking on before Savannah walked into the kitchen. Savannah sipped from her cup while her eyes traveled through Harry's skin. Toned fit tan Harry. His skin was glorious. It made her tick so bad. Shirtless Harry in front of the stove was brought pain to her core. She wanted him once more then and there, though she was still sore from last night. She snapped out of her early lust and cleared her throat sitting up straight.  

"Hey, Harry?" she called him out  

"mhm?" still busy with the matter that he was cooking  

"I still have no idea how you got into my house. I never gave you a key"  

Harry turned around and faced her. Leaned his face in towards her, Their faces 2 inches away from each other. She could feel his breath. Dagger like eyes staring at each other. Harry was staring her down as if she was his prey. An enormous smile elongated across his face and along with a slight chuckle   

"I know where you hide your spare key" followed by a quick peck on her lips and as well as a wink.  

Turning his back from her, a Devil's smirk was placed on a half side. It was practical torture to her.  A few minutes passed, Savannah's doorbell rang for about what sounded like twice. Quite curious the both of them were since Harry knew that Savannah barely had visitors at her place. Especially on weekends. They had the day all to themselves. If there was someone who was disturbed, it was Harry. He had a feeling of anxiety of whoever was at the other side of the door. His mind wandered for the weirdest possibilities and theories. Thinking who could it have been, what that person was doing at the other side, his mind was playing tricks on him.  

"Love, were you expecting someone?" his face turned to hers with a curious washed out look wiped all over his face  

"Not at all, hey babe, could you get the door? I'll just put some pants on" Savannah asked Harry as she scooted down from the stool she was sitting on and made her way into the bedroom she came from earlier.   

"uhh yeah sure" Harry's expression got even more curios by the second. The situation was unusual to him. What if it was someone from work? what if people from her firm would find out? He left everything in the kitchen and made his way to the front door of the flat. With a mind too pre-occupied, Harry forgot to look into the peep-hole and instead just straight opened the door. His mind went from curios to boggled by the person that was standing right in front of him. A tattooed man. More like a punk douche to Harry's perspective. Fair skin, blonde hair to which was obviously dyed blonde styled into a quiff showing off the pink streak, a small stretch on his left ear, a tattooed arm, plain black shirt, grudgy denim, came together with white sneakers. Odd looking Harry thought. Odd for a person looking like that to be known by Savannah. It was too odd for him that he even asked the person if he was lost with a much mocking look on his face.  

"5B, right? It says so on the door" the punk raised an eyebrow at Harry knowing that the question thrown at him was given as an insult  

"Hm, I'm sorry but who are you?" Harry got even more annoyed at the punk trying to act all smart as if he was. Harry knew to himself that the person in front of him was just a faggot playing a prank at random flats in the building.  


"NIALL! oh my god what are you doing here?" Savannah appeared from behind Harry, giving him a much welcoming greeting with a shock to herself  

"I thought you weren't gonna drop by till tomorrow?"  

"Ah well I figured it's a Saturday and the day's very much young"   

"Wait wait wait wait wait. You know him!?" Harry interrupted each of their cheerful greeting and again in complete shock of what was happening right in front of him. How could a proper decent, a lawyer like Savannah know a person like this douche that looks like he has nothing else to do in life but go to a tattoo parlour and ink himself Harry thought. It just didn't make sense to him at all. It was ridiculously odd to his sight of seeing.   

"Yeah yeah of course I know him" replying to what Harry asked but not even minding to look at him because she was still in awe of what her old friend, Niall- turned out as  

"Come in, oh my god haha"   

"haha thanks babe" Niall walked right into the flat as he was welcome.  Babe? Harry mouthed it to himself. He still had no idea of what was going on but one thing he was sure of was that this friend of hers isn't gonna do him any good. From first sight, he was annoyed.


"He called her babe. Why the hell did he call her babe?" Harry spoke to himself as Savannah and Niall got along in to the living room and sat comfortably staring on sharing each other stories that recently happened to them, what happened between them when paths got separated, and then started babbling on about stories of each other that they had in the past when they were as tight as a rubber band that was stretched out to its extent.   

"Haha remember when I sang Nerdy to you because you were ignoring me" Niall laughed along as he went back on the memory  

"Oh yeah! haha surprisingly, we got along with your choice of music. First time heard you sang haha" May have been odd that a person as serious as Savannah was actually with a taste of music, but her entire character could've filled a book. Things that Harry never knew about her were splurring out of Niall's mouth. Harry was completely boxed out of the entire event. He had nothing to do with the lad that was sitting in his girlfriend's living room in which he was supposed to have all to himself the entire day because neither of them were busy. Savannah on the other hand, was very much delighted of Niall's sudden surprising appearance in her flat. She was indeed caught up in the moment that she didn't even notice Harry's "Hey babe, I exist too you know" face looking at the both of them. It's been long since they've last met. They were really good and close friends. Never together but their relationship was hell of a lot complicated. It boggled with everyone's heads especially theirs. Mutual feelings but neither of which shared. But given that, they knew what each other felt and how they felt. They were both persons of different sides of the universe. A smart decent proper etiquette and quite nerdy girl and a musically inclined punk rocker average but intelligent and witty from underneath. No one would've ever thought that people like them would actually get along. It was to different. But the distance put between them made them even more closer. Both different on everything yet, they had their ways of connecting and intertwining their thoughts. They laughed at the same things, got along, and even had the same interests in some. It was like water and oil mixing together for the first time. It was their magic.   

With all the things that they were talking about, Harry couldn't take it into his system any longer. He excused himself, telling Savannah that he just needed to make a quick phone call at his firm to which was obviously a complete lie. He ruggedly shuffled his feet towards the bedroom, already mumbling to himself everything that he was starting to get annoyed with. Locking the door behind him and walking back and forth across the room, He was absolutely and completely irritated of the what he'd like to call; nuisance, that was talking to his girlfriend. The nuisance that knew Savannah all too well. The nuisance that just went frolicking into Savannah's flat and took away his entire day with her.   

"Fucking asshole. He called her babe, why the hell did he call her babe? How could've she been friends with that douche? it's isn't like her! a lawyer and a douche?? This is like Lady and the Tramp worst version! and he SANG to her? That faggot can sing? I bet my lawyer license that I sound better than him. Why the fuck does that dirtbag know so much about Savannah? Holy shit oh god please don't tell me they were in a relationship oh shit they might be having sex while I'm not there oh crap!"  

Harry panicked and hastily went out of the room walking briskly towards the living room but coming to a full stop at the hall that entered the living room. Harry's breathing was erratic, his mind went from bad to worse. But nonetheless, he calmed down when he saw that nothing of what he thought was happening while he wasn't around. Though he continued looking at them; listening to the conversation they were having.  

"Oh god why didn't you even tell me that you were in that band?!" Harry overheard Savannah's extatic new knowledge of Niall's career.  

"Right. I bet he's on auto-tune" Harry said to himself but barely audible for the other two to hear. 

"Yeah haha I could invite you to a gig or show sometime. It'll be nice. Do you even watch like you used to? I mean, look at you! big time lawyer and all that! You're a much more proper version of the Savannah that I knew from high school and college haha" Niall blurted out to what he thought was quite obvious  

"There's a difference between profession and personality, Nialler! haha of course I still listen to music! I bet we still have the same taste at it" Harry was cringing at the conversation he was overhearing.  

A few more and he felt his phone vibrating from his back pocket. Thank god it was on silent mode Harry thought to himself. He pulled it out and turned a tad bit wide eyed when he saw the name that flashed across the screen. He knew that there was something. Something that Savannah shouldn't know. It was to risky if he would've told her. He walked back to the bedroom and locked the door behind him as quiet as possible so that no one would notice that he left the room a while ago. Swipping his thumb across the screen and placed the phone onto his ear,  

"Hey Tommo, did you find anything?" in the most solemn tone he's ever sounded.  

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