Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


40. Sweet Spot



Chapter Song: Express by Christina Aguilera






"Avery! I’m back? I was thinking…” Lou pasused halfway into walking in the front door when he looked up to see the living room. 

There was definitely something out of the ordinary here. For starters, the fire was roaring – sure, but there were little white candles scattered across every surface he could see. The furniture remained where it always was, but the low table that sat in the center of said furniture was missing and replaced with a single armless chair. A slow grin made its way over his lips as he stepped further into the room;



There was no response. A slight frown appeared and he called out again, once more getting nothing in reply. He stepped further into the room which was when a little pink envelope perched on the fireplace mantel caught his eye. A little ‘ah’ of understanding came from him and he crossed the room to pull the note out from inside it. There were only two sentences written out in her curly script.


See that chair? Go sit in it and wait. – A


Not one to argue with a note that held a request that carried so much potential from his girlfriend, he shrugged out of the jacket he had tossed on over his black t-shirt that morning and dropped into the chair. He was about to shout for Avery once again when from seemingly nowhere that he could figure out, a low and what could only be described as sexy tune of guitar lead and woodwind instruments met his ears. Louis immediately spun around in the chair, attempting to locate her, but his head snapped back around when he heard the distinct sound of a high heel clicking on the floor. And that was when his eyebrows shot skyward.

Silver and black, silk and lace. So much, yet so little. Covering skin here and exposing it there. The woman knew what silver and black did to him.

Long curls draped down over Avery's chest to kiss the tops of her breasts that peeked out over the black lace edging of the silver corset she wore. The silver clung tightly to the curves of her body and black threading created some intricate design over the fabric that keep pulling his gaze between it and her eyes. A matching scrap of silver silk did very little to conceal her hips and just barely two inches of thigh skin was exposed to him – the rest of her legs wrapped in sheer black and topped with a lace edge that was connected to the corset with black straps. Dark eyes roamed up and over her a few times as she stepped forward and closed the distance between them.

It took him a minute or two, but the muscles of his tongue finally decided to work and Louis managed to speak; 

“I have no idea what I did to spur this on, but you really need to let me know so I can do it more often.”

A tiny smirk touched Avery's lips and when she reached him, her eyes met his as she brought a hand forward to press a finger tightly against his lips and shake her head;


He wasn’t about to argue with her when the woman was dressed like that, so he simply nodded in agreement with her. The music turned louder and Avery climbed onto his lap. Out of habit, his hands went to her hips, but again, a little smirk tugged at the Avery’s lips and she reached down to peel them away and place them on the tops of her thighs.


“Not yet.” Was all she said and in rhythm with the music, her hips began to grind against him. 

His hands ached to touch her, but he kept her request in mind and didn’t move them. Avery twisted her body against him, pressing her sex tightly against him, and letting her chest slide up and down over his. Her hands moved fast and she had peeled the black t-shirt up over his shoulders in a matter of seconds and the feel of the silk and the curves of her breasts running down his hot skin pulled a low groan from him. As the tempo of the music increased, so did her movements. Her hands trailed down his body until her palms came to rest on his thighs, which she used as leverage to push herself upright. She moved with obvious purpose as she dropped to her knees and quickly worked the buckle of his belt, the button of his jeans, and gave a tug. That light tug was all it took for him to move and Louis pushed his hips upward, shifting to allow her to pull them from him entirely.


An eyebrow rose and she flashed him the tiniest of grins before her mouth instantly dropped and he felt her tongue slipping and dancing over him. Louis let out a low gasp and his one hand tightened around the edge of the chair while the other reached forward to thread through her hair. Avery pulled her tongue back from him and slid her entire mouth over him, but that little brat didn’t close her mouth at all. No. Instead, she surrounded his shaft and let her hot breath surround him. Her tongue darted down over the aching skin at random and when he gave a deep groan of anticipation, Avery pulled her mouth back from him entirely. Her hands wrapped around him, twisting in opposite directions a few moments which made him close his eyes and let his head fall back, only for it to snap upright once again when he felt her suddenly sucking on his head. The hand in her hair tightened and he tugged very lightly on her curls, pressing his hips upwards just a bit so she took more of him into her mouth.


Just as quickly as she had started to suck, Avery pulled back and with her hands resting on the tops his thighs, she raised an eyebrow; 

“You want more, Handsome?”

“Does a blind man want to see?”

Grinning at him, Avery stood upright, tugged the silver silk just to the side and slid down onto him quicker than he could really allow a coherent thought to fire through his mind. A grizzled growl of a sound left him at the same time Avery gave a soft moan and she leaned forward, scraping her teeth over his bottom lip and tugging gently.

 “I thought that’d be what you’d say.”

“You know me well.”

Her grin grew a little wider when she increased the speed with which her hips grinded on him; “Is that what you wanted, Louis?”

It took him a few minutes to respond. As Avery’s hips shifted and began to piston up and down on his throbbing cock, his hands began to travel up over her body. Her back was a maze of intricately tied and twisted silky ribbons that left little snippets of her skin open for the pads of his fingertips to graze over. There was something incredibly erotic about not having her flesh completely available to him. It was a mixture of pleasure and frustration that drove him out of his mind in the best way possible. Expressing that frustration, Tristan dropped one hand from her body to brace against the side of the chair to use as leverage so he could thrust his hips up and drive himself deeper inside his girlfriend. Avery gave a little shout when he did this and a grin appeared on his lips as he dropped his head to allow his tongue to brush over the ample cleavage of her breasts displayed before him. 

“I think you wanted it too, love.”

“Don’t I always?”

There was a little chuckle in his throat that quickly vanished when Avery reached down to snag his forearm. She tugged on it gently so he had no choice but to remove his hands from her body and the chair and using the grace that only she seemed to possess, Avery spun on his lap. Her back instantly crashed against his chest and she began to ride him as she reached her arms up behind her head and threaded small fingers in through his hair to give a hard yank to the slightly unruly dark mess of locks. 

“Oh, fuck…Ave…yes…just like that…”

Avery not only loved hearing him say that sort of thing to her – she thrived on it. It was a whole different type of sexy to her and it spurred her on to lift herself up and then slam back down on him; impaling and filling herself with his cock in a way that had her screaming his name. Louis' hands gripped tightly to her hips, helping her lift herself before they traveled up and over the silky material of her corset. His left hand fumbled with the fabric as his breath fell hot and heavy against her throat until he finally was able to work the silk and lace down far enough that he could brush over her nipple teasingly with his thumb. A gasp came from Avery at this and she dropped her hips onto him hard, swiveling and shifting them in a sinfully erotic rhythm that had him groaning and his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head.

“Like that, Lou?”

“Fuck, yes…”

“Yeah?” She moved her hips faster, circling him and then lifting up and dropping back down and repeating the process one, two, three, four – five times.

“Jesus Christ, Avery…you need to get up…”

A grin touched her lips and she twisted her neck around to cover his mouth with hers, kissing him deeply and letting out supple moans against his tongue before she pulled back; 

“Why is that?”

Louis thrust up into her several times as quickly as he could, smirking when he felt her hand slap down to his thigh and her nails bite into his sweat slicked flesh; 

“So I can fuck you until you can’t say anything but my name.”


That was clearly a good enough reason for her, because she jumped up off of him almost instantly. At that, Louis snagged her around the waist and pulled her into a heated lust fueled kiss before he grappled at her hip and whipped her around. Avery’s hands shot forward to catch the back of the chair and a loud shout left her when he not only thrust into her, but lifted her up so she was literally riding his shaft. 


He couldn’t stop the grin instantly appearing on his lips; 

“Say it again…louder, Avery…scream it…”

Driving himself into her as hard as he could, Louis used her hips to pull her back against himself and when her skin would collide with his, he used the closeness to swivel his hips so his head scraped against every sweet spot she had to offer. Each time he did this, his name fell from her lips – first in a soft whisper, then gradually louder, and louder, until the last time. Tristan’s fingers dug into his girlfriend’s flesh and with the most intense power he could muster – he drove himself into her hard and fast.

“Louis, oh god, Lll….Lou…fucking hell Louis!” His body shuddered, relenting to his climax and pumping into her as she gave that loud, shrieking shout of his name one final time before her entire body sagged from exhausted pleasure.

Lowering her to the ground, Louis leaned forward to kiss his Avery’s cheek lightly and speak in a broken out of breath voice, low in her ear; 

“Silver and black, hmm, you little minx?”

A weak giggle left Avery and she twisted her neck to catch his mouth in a quick kiss; 

"I just figured you needed a little lightening up after what happened earlier" out with a quick huff.

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