Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


26. Smudge and Slur


"David, fill me in by noon. I need new cases. And get me something from the outside of Divorce" Harry tapped on to the cubicle of his assistant's desk briskly walking into his office with squinted eyes and furrowed brows  

"Sir, you're a Divorce lawyer..." David stood up from his chair turning around to answer back to what Harry had told him holding to what seemed like new divorce cases in a folder.  

"Uh no. I'm a licensed lawyer which means I am allowed to touch any type of case. It just so happens that I prefered Divorce a few months ago till now" Harry told David with a hint of sarcasm in his tone and continued walking to his desk tucking his suit properly and sitting on his chair.  

"What the hell are you doing?" An old man walked into Harry's office, questioning him of what Harry had been doing

"What do you mean what am I doing? I'm working. Bringing money into this fucking firm" Harry cockily said to the man that stood up opposite of him  

"Harry, you are our A list-er in this firm and yes you do bring money and clients into this and that is the reason why you are earning millions you schmuck. And without me, you wouldn't even be sitting in that chair" the grey haired man pointed out with a firm voice.  

"Right, okay. Fine, yes of course. Nigel Gladstone! The first half of Gladstone Watson. Well thank you. I'm flattered of the fact that I earn millions because of my magnificent skills" Harry stood up from his chair with his natural scent of sarcasm hovering all over him.  

Harry was very much tipped off that day. Asking for new cases, cranky, picking on associates, insulting other opposing councils, he was definitely not his usual self. And everyone was very much aware of that fact though none of them knew the reason why. Even with his trial at court that day was off, all he did was yell and made witnesses cry and then of course the trial ended up to being procceded into pending. All his frustrations were overflowing and it wasn't a pretty sight for anyone, not even for Harry. Even the coffee that he got was terrible, they forgot to put sugar in it. Harry cursed the entire day till it ended. Before he could even drive home, he instead just settled himself into a pub.   

Drinking out every single bad thing that had happened that entire day, drowning all the shitty thoughts in his head, not even cases could distract him just alcohol.   

Harry always thought that alcohol was his best friend, he'd run to it whenever something bad had happened, whenever something good had happened, it was his comfort zone that made him feel like shit after falling asleep. His eyes were already turning blood shot and red rimmed after the 15 glasses, to which was a really high dosage of alcohol. He could barely see but Harry fought it and instead, everything was a colour smudge. And with that, he had no idea what he was looking at nor who or what gender. He planted his sight on someone a few chairs from him, a blur of hazel brown, white, and black. The vision looked too familiar to Harry for him to just simply ignore it, he went close to it and figured that it was a girl in front of him with hazel brown hair, a white crisp shirt and a black pencil skirt. He smiled and laughed to himself with extremely drowsy eyes barely able to open them wide enough.  

"I knew I'd find you here" Harry said into a hiccup, whispering to the girl in front of her then all of a sudden cupping her face with both of his hands forcing her into what he meant a deep kiss but instead the girl pulled away and slapped him hard and pushed him away from her.  

"Savannah! I was just trying to help you!" Harry said it out loud to the girl he kissed  

"Geez you drunkard, you're so pathetic" the girl spat on him as she stood up from her stool and walked away. Harry slipped down from his stool and ended up sitting on the floor realizing what he just did and how stupid he was for kissing a girl that he didn't even know. At that very moment, Harry just felt like complete shit that tears started to add to his blurry vision and that salt water was already streaming down his face while he continued on drinking from the glass that he was still holding.  

"Alrighty mate, you've obviously had enough. Let's go get you home" someone  wearing a denim jacket and skinny black jeans grabbed the glass he was holding and placed it on the counter along with money under the glass. He stood Harry up and placed Harry's arms around his neck helping him to walk out of the pub and into his car  

"I have a car, I can drive. I don't know you" Harry said in a slurred and cotton mouth and fought himself out of the guy's good manners  

"You're badly drunk. You can get your car tomorrow" the guy said with a weird tone added into his accent.  

"Who the fuck are you? You have a weird accent" Harry asked him and stating out his usual blunt opinion in a complete slur  

"Zayn. My accent has a story. No worries, you're no stranger to me, I know who you are. I've seen you plenty of times in the pub" the the raven haired appealing young man explained while sliding Harry into the back of his car and closing the door shut.  

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