Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


24. Push-Back


"I need three men on the field and two with me. I don't care if they're assigned or not, I need  XK down by tonight" Louis voice was very much stern. Indeed with force and conviction. When it came to his job, he took it bloody hell serious.   


"I'll meet them at the location in 10 minutes" Louis rushed to his 2000 GT racing no one but time to catch the guy who gave him a reason to be employed. Across traffic, Louis' driving was roughly smooth. Fast and snappy, elegant and beauty. Like a Bond movie with a car chase.   

Louis' started vibrating inside his pocket. He pulled it out of his pocket and didn't even bother looking at the name of whoever was calling, he just instantly swiped his thumb across the screen and placed the phone onto his ear.  

"Tommo here" Louis answered and cleared his voice afterwards.  

"I need to talk to you"   

"Now?" Louis almost yelled into his phone with rush running through his entire being. Thinking to himself what would one be even thinking to ask someone for a talk during mid day. Ridiculous he thought.  

"It's something serious"  

"Harold, I am pretty much occupied as of the moment. If until now you have no idea of what I'm doing even with the background sound of screeching tires.

We'll talk later. Meet me at the precint" He was pretty much yelling at Harry with all the pressure building up on him.  Louis took his phone away from his ear and shut it of placing it back into his pocket.


 "Here, I'll take you to the Inves. room. We need to have a little talk" Louis grabbed the man by the back of his shirt's collar pulling him out of the elevator and walking him across the precint's hallway on to the room. Louis' eye caught a glimpse of Harry as the well dressed lawyer gave a nod and waved as Louis instead of walking towards him knowing that Louis was busy with what he had in hand.  

"Inside and wait" Louis locked the suspect in the room and went out walking to his desk where Harry was to get some files and papers on about the suspect in hand to be dealt with and also, he gave Harry a quick greeting till curly told him that he had something important to say and that it was something long in which case Louis responded into saying yes but while doing so, he just told his friend to accompany him throughout the day while telling him of what Harry had to.   

"What's he doing here? He ain't no cop" the grunged mate 20's man snorted out to Louis in sight of seeing the presence of the popular most in demand lawyer; Harry Styles.   

Both Harry and Louis entered the room. Louis pulled out a chair for himself and sat across the side of the table facing the suspect while Harry just stood there leaning on the wall looking as posh as ever with his hair pushed back and all that as if he was waiting for some to take a picture of him though that was seen through the naked eye. With all honesty, Harry was distressed, worried, and the only reason that his hair was pushed back was because it was just so damn greasy. It could've been easily said that he hadn't even taken a proper shower yet. That he'd been drinking the entire night and that he just splashed on some cold water on his face, brushed his pearly whites and sprayed on his signature Bleu De Chanel smell to look as he is. His normal posture which was considerably bad became worst, like he had the entire planet and solar system on his broad shoulders.   

"He's umm he's for consultation" Louis looked back at Harry and said to the man in front of him of what Harry's purpose was for being there. In which case he really wasn't supposed to be there especially in the invest room wherein if he wanted to watch or see, he should've been looking throught the other side of the mirror which was a two way sort of. But Louis let him, since he and Harry had known each other for such a long time that their trust for each other was as great as the Great Wall of China.   

After of what seemed like an almost an hour of questioning, Louis and Harry walked out of the room and back to Louis' desk making him sigh i annoyance that after what had happened that morning, he still wasn't the right guy.

"How are you so sure that he wasn't telling the truth?" Harry asked Louis  

"Because I mixed the details and he thought I was leading him wrong by saying yes. So I just figured" Louis explained while he stared at the white board in front of him filled with very much important information about the case he was working on.  

"Hmm smart" Harry nodded and looked at the white board as well.  

"What was it that you said was important that you had to tell me?" Louis faced Harry tilting his head a tad bit upwards because of Harry's height  

"Oh uhmm" Harry cleared his throat and loosened up his necktie   

"well you see....I accidentally told Savannah of what I've done......" Harry's words instantly turned into mumbles and murmur  

"and......." Louis widened his eyes at Harry signaling him to go on with what he had told him.  

"and uhmm-"   

Louis' phone started ringing and when he saw the name flashed on the screen, he had to pick it up due to the fact that it was a matter of the case that he had. Louis answered it and all he said was okay. He slid his phone in the back pocket of his pants and told Harry to come with him.  

"We need to go to the morgue. You can tell me on our way"   


"Well I'm pretty much sure that she'll be coming back after you. Besides, I've heard she's quite a tough one haha I'll give a month or two then" Louis turned the entire situation into a joke after hearing of what Harry had to say. Though Harold was not pleased of the joke that Louis pulled of. He started to become too sensitive when it comes to Savannah, she made a special mark on him the not even Harry himself undrestood.  

"Sorry 'bout that mate. I'm just trying to lighten you up. Well with that case, do I still need to go on with her mother's file?"   

"Yes. I know something's not right. This is about bringing someone heinous into the harsh light, exposing him for what he was and what he had been." Harry's voice turned way too melancholic. Like as if he was reading from a book of suspense in genre.  

"Woah gettin' a little deep there, mate. Alrighty then. We'll catch the Dark Lord but right now I have a corpse to deal with" Louis' attitude was just all about making Harry feel light because he knew that Harry looked and felt like shit. Well more of felt rather than looked.  

They entered the morgue's door seeing nothing but empty beds and two desks filled with tools and other components except for one bed that had a body on it covered with a white blanket halfway. Louis approached the doctor that was in charge of the body and seeing what else could be found on it other than gun shots on his chest. Surprisingly, they spotted him eating a a morgue.   

"Hey Doc, so whadd'ya find?" Louis came up to him and asked   "Ink fingerprints and purple-brown bruising around his neck. Our victim was strangled and Mr Killer either had ink on his hand or his pen went all wrong"   

"Alright then, I'll have Ryan check out the prints" Louis said, turned around and walked started walking  

"Are you eating your lunch?" Harry's face was confused when he asked the doctor of his question.  

"Yes, would you like the other sandwich?" the doctor politely offered Harry his spare which was in a resealable plastic bag.  

"You work in a're surrounded by dead people..." Harry looked around and said  

"This morgue has amazing disinfectants. It's basically one of the cleanest rooms in the city. And please don't make me sound like I'm the kid from the Sixth Sense movie" the doctor said his statement.  

Harry was too weirded out to even reply that all he did has just turn around and catch up to Louis that had already left him because of his little chat with the doctor.  

"Ugh like fishes. They eat where they shit. Disgusting" Harry said to himself walking out of the room and shaking of the chills of what he just heard and saw.




//I am so sorry that this chapter is probably the most boring chapter. It's just because that I'm quite pre-occupied with other shits right no but no worries, I've got more smut to come :)//

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