Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


38. Nowhere



"I need to constantly hold you, I want you to feel safe with me, I want you. I want you so bad" Harry squinted his eyes shut

"We get hurt, we let go. But we both know that we're both going to fall even more in love with the distance put between us" 

"Savannah, what we have is something that either of us could simply let go of. I know you're hurt because of me; but I for one know that at the end, all we're going to do is hold on tight to each other. I need you, Savannah" 


Harry was running lines in his head, imagining and thinking all of the words that he could've said at the moment that he held Savannah close to him, so close there was no exostent gap between them. Harry did regret what he did in just leaving Savannah alone in the room, he knew what he wanted but he didn't know what to say nor how to do it. Harry was glad to have her in his arms after quite a long time since they haven't met, the most intimate they've gotten since then. He didn't have the guts to say anything- and even if he did; he knew that all he would've done was blow his chance off. Rather, he rushed to his car and drived off in pursuit with a blurry eyesight, a mad mind, and emotionaly unstable. Harry was in an awful condition to be behind the wheel at any causes; he didn't mind all the over cars. He was rushing through the road and passing through all the cars as if they were all just still on the road. He had no idea to where he had ended up, Harry just kept on driving and driving till he noticed himself being in a n isolated area- no cars, nearly just dust, bad grass, and big old trees. His car came into a screecking full stop on the side, and with Harry just placing his forehead on the top of the steering wheel and punching his clenched fists on the dashboard. Yelling, grunting, everything. Harry's mind was filled up. Savannah had done something to him that neither of them knew she was capable of doing to another. She was everything to Harry- never did he even think of giving up on her. He kept his word from when he said that he was going to hold on when Savannah walked away from him. 


Harry tried to pull himself together, fixing himself up, wipping the salt water that covered his cheeks, and rubbing his eyes clear. He started the engine once again and started driving back. Seeing as to there weren't any other cars in the road- Harry didn't see the harm of checking his phone for a few messages while driving. A couple from work saying that he's needed, a few reminders for himself and then another incoming message that came from his secretary that was clearly panicing in the message's tone of it being in all capitalized letters. Harry replied to it and once he hit send, it hit him. Rushing car from the side, Harry didn't know he was at an intersection. He wasn't aware and neither was he of what had happened to him. 
Broken fragments of the car window dug into his skin, busted lip, bruised head, Harry was unconcious.

Fair enough, the man driving the car had the polite enough thought of pulling Harry out of his car and rushing him to the nearest hospital. Though the man didn't stay as to his thought that Harry might just hit him, given the image of his massive hands. The man just simply left Harry at the emergency room and handed the nurse his own business card and asking her to just give it to Harry once he's woken up. 


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