Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


2. Lustful Greetings


“Don’t make a sound” Harry’s husky voice and warm breath wrapping running through her neck syncing into her ears. “We wouldn’t want to have anyone thinking” he said as he gave her sponge kisses on her jawline. She breathed out a silent moan. Again, he neared his lips to her ear, grazing over it, asking her “can you handle?” he outlined her earlobe with the tip of his warm smothering tongue.  “mmmmhhhmm” unable to respond, she obligingly hummed and nodded as she slid his blazer off of his broad shoulders. “Good then” Harry said as he gave out slight chuckle. He pushed her hard against the wall of his office; she met his eyes as he moved in closer to her while unbuttoning his white crisp shirt. His eyes turned dark green; dilated, filled with lust. Hungrily kissing her, with his fluid movements; her pencil skirt practically almost ripped off of her slender waist; stripped down to her underwear, both of their clothes lied on the ground. He made his way through her body leaving wet kisses along her torso till he made it down to her lower region. Harry kneeled down and lifted her leg and rested it over his shoulder. He teased her through her underwear, making her even more wet than she already was. He tucked his hands underneath her thighs, pulling her closer towards him as she arched her back from the wall. He nibbled on the hem of her underwear and bit it, pulling it down as his lips grazed upon the soft sensitive skin of her thigh. She pulled him up and he roughly pressed his lips unto hers; his warm tongue swirled around in her mouth, massaging her tongue, his hand caressing her breast as he moves down to suck on the other. Harry’s hand made it’s way down her clit and started rubbing her in figures of eight. Savannah was holding her breath, keeping in all the moans that she wanted to let out. Trying her best to keep as quiet as possible.

“You’re so wet” he purred in between intertwined lips. “Ugh fuck, Styles” she breathed out along with a slight moan. He sucked on her upper as she nibbled on his lower; parting from each other; both of their lips left red and swollen. His fingers ran through her folds, she was struggling, she wanted to shout, he was too much of a tease, and she wanted him inside her right then and there. He slid his finger inside of her, making her gasp and moan in pleasure, without even giving her time to retaliate, he shoves in another finger and starts playing a slow playful rhythm. Harry loved how she wanted him so badly, the way her body reacts and how she clung onto him. He placed his thumb over her clit which made everything else even more pleasurable; she tilted her head back onto the wall he pinned her to.

“Styles,” she let out breathlessly. He pushed a few more times and withdrew his fingers from her and placing it near her mouth. She obligingly sucked them clean as his eyebrows came together with pleasure reflecting through his face, “it’s Harry” he demandingly told her with his much raspy voice. She raised her brow at him and started looking around his office. He gave her a confused look when she started smiling at something. She held his shoulders, “the desk” she nudged her head over to where the mahogany flat surfaced furniture was placed and gave him a cheeky grin. He huffed and cocked his head as he grabbed her for below her ass wrapping her legs around his waist with her clung onto him. She felt his erected shaft on her thighs, warm growing and erect. Harry brought her over to his desk and swung his hand across the desk, tossing everything onto the floor. She came down from the desk he sat her on and went on her knees. Grabbing his shaft, she teased him grazing her lips over the tip, giving it quick slight licks and nibbling on over to the center. Giving it a long wet lick from the bottom till the tip and sucking on it and moaning, giving him the sense of pleasure as she started palming his balls on her other hand. Harry was pleased. Tugging her hair from the back and telling her how good she was with her mouth. Giving it a nice cute popping sound as she sucked on him, she got to taste his early cum, “ugh f…fffucking hell, Savannah” Harry groaned tilting his head back with eyes closed.

She came to her feet and slowly went up his body grazing her lips over his torso up to his collarbones and started slightly sucking on them lightly. He grabbed her waist and turned her around. Placing his lips behind her earlobe, he whispered into her ear; “bend over.” As she did, he kissed her neck down to the bottom of her spine. He lined his shaft towards her and pushed himself in. She let out a short breath from the relieved tension as he got to his pace. “oh….fffuuuckk” she purred as he pushed in and out. Harry her tight walls against him, “fuck, you’re so tight.”

“Harder, Styles. Deeper” she begged him, she needed more of him. “Not unless you say my name” he responded as he lessens the pressure of his thrusts into her. She didn’t want to say his name; she refused to, as much as she wanted more of him. She stood up gently turned around, making him slip out of her, leaving her stretched and empty, “then we’ll both keep each other hanging then” she said and gave him a wink as she walked away from him and grabbed her clothes from the floor.

“Fuck you” Harry told her with a huff; “we’ll see about that” she said back while getting dressed and fixing her messed up bun. Harry pulled his trousers up and rested his back on his office door to prevent her from leaving the room. She stood in front of him as he crossed his arms over on his chest. “I have a proposal for you,” he said giving her lips a quick peck. She let out a sigh, “Mr. Styles, we have 15 minutes till we are need in court” she tried to end the conversation, “whoever wins…..goes under and gets pleased” his gravely husky and raspy voice tickled her ears down to her spine. As soon as she could give in again, she closed her eyes, cleared her throat, and took in a deep breath. “I’ll see you in court, Mr. Styles” she gave him a quick pat on his shoulder as she walked out of the room. “I’ll take that as a yes then” Harry chuckled to himself as he closed the door shut.

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