Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


7. Like You Want Me To

  His arms circled her waist, his lips finding her neck as she closed her eyes and leaned back into him. Reaching behind to lose her hand in the soft hair at the back of his head, Savannah turned her face to his and kissed him. Hungry tongues clashing as she felt his cock stir against her ass. She wanted him there. She wanted him to make her come hard. He pulled her backwards back into the living room until the backs of his legs hit the couch and he sat both themselves down, pulling her into his lap and bringing her upper body to the side so he could keep kissing her. His hands moved down her thighs and spread her legs, placing them on either side of his knees and holding me open to him causing her skirt to ride up to my waist. Releasing her mouth he reached up and licked his tongue against his fingertips as she looked him in the eyes. Savannah bit her lip as his now wet fingers found her core, moving her panties to the side with his thumb and covering her, running circles against the whole of her.

“Uh, fuck,” she groaned, letting her head fall back on his shoulder while his fingers ruined her clit. His tongue licked out, pulling her earlobe between his teeth, trapping it and pulling it free sending shivers down her neck and hardening her nipples through her shirt.

“That feel good, babe?” His voice was so deep in her ear that she felt herself get even more wet at just the sound of it.

“Yea. Shit, it feels so good.”

His trousers restrained what she knew was a rock solid cock and she couldn’t stop herself from grinding her ass against him in circles while his hand continued its brutal work against her. His ring and middle finger sinking into her for two slow pumps before he was fucking her with his hand to the point where she could hear the slap of his palm against her and feel the vibration of it run through her clit. “Oh God,” She moaned when his fingers curled up and he began the same motion that had caused her to lose all of her control. “OH FUCK, FU—” She grabbed his wrist and tossed his hand away from her, not able to control her hips from rolling back and forth across his covered length. Sliding herself further back on his lap, she reached between her legs for his zipper, pulling it down and reaching inside his trousers to pull him free without bothering to take down his pants or undress him. Stroking his length to its full potential while he pulled her shirt from her shoulder and bit into the muscle there. Harry’s hands pulled up on her shirt, hauling it over my head and tossing it to the side to leave me in nothing but her grey pencil skirt and black push up. I turned my head to the side, licking up his jawline to his ear, feral in my need for him.

“Fuck me. Please”

Taking his cock from her grasp he rubbed his tip against her slick opening, teasing her clit with it before lining to her entrance and lifting his hips off the couch to push into me with a soft groan rising deep in his throat. Her neck went limp as a moan caressed her tongue. I honestly believed there would never come a time where I would be used to him. I loved this too much. Hooking his arm under her knee for leverage, he moved Savannah over him while his hips rose to collide with her core. She held herself up with a palm flat to the leather and another gripped to his curls as they both alternated from watching the looks on each other’s faces and the way our bodies came together.

He moved her to the side and stood with one knee on the seat of the couch and my leg rose to his shoulder. He held to her calf and pushed in slow, not giving me all of him, once, twice, three times before he drove in to the hilt and held himself pressed deep. She gripped his wrists, moaning a gravelly sound and throwing her head back as she held herself up on her side with her forearm.

“Uh God,” he exhaled, running his forehead down my calf and keeping himself deep and unmoving as he left my leg to rest on his shoulder so his hands would be free to unbutton his shirt and tear it away, leaving his white tee on. I could see his nipples were hard through the cotton and I wanted to lick my tongue across them.

“Fucking move!” She was growing impatient, the heat from his cock radiating through her sex. With a light smirk he brought his hips back and thrust them in hard and deep and kept going steady like that, fucking and watching her. Wrapping his arm around her leg, he braced his other hand on the back of the couch, allowing himself to go even deeper when she was already feeling him push inside me from behind her naval. When she watched him lick his fingers again, Savannah knew she wasn’t going to be able to handle it. His fingers finding her clit and barely making two rotations before she squealed and pulled her thighs together. He moved her legs open to him again, not allowing her to deny him before his fingers returned to her clit, moving in slower circles while he thrust into her. Harry moved her with little effort at all, as if she weighed next to nothing to him, placing her on all fours and pulling her back onto his hard length. She smacked her hand to the leather seat and felt her head drop on her neck, her hair spilling across the nude leather couch. Looking back at him and seeing him still fully clothed, his white crisp shirt clinging to him and his trousers still buttoned with his cock standing ready and impaling her out from his zipper, it drove her mad. The urgency of it. Her pushed aside panties and shoved up skirt. The heave of her breasts against the cups of her bra. Her feet burning in her shoes.

His neck glistened with sweat and his cheeks were a fiery red. She reached between her legs and drilled her fingers against her clit, sucking in a breath and dropping her temple to the seat cushion.

“Shit, Savannah,” his voice was pure arousal. All male. Deep and harsh. Dripping with so much sex it vibrated her clit and made her clench around him, slowing him.

“Spank me” Savannah begged, needing his mark on her.

His hand slid up her back and tangled in her hair, pulling her up on her knees and arching her back until his lips could find her ear. Her stomach burned with his fullness and she panted at his roughness.

“You want me to spank you, love? You want everyone in the floor to hear it?”

“Fuck, yes. Please.”

“You want everyone to know you’re getting fucked?”

“Mmm, I want everyone to know you’re fucking me,” She was completely out of my mind. Savannah turned her face to his, reaching over her shoulder to hold to the back of his head. His tongue curled against her lip and both of them smirked.

Harry kissed her quickly and moved her back down to all fours, pressing down on the back of her neck until her ass was perched for him and her cheek was against the slick leather. She moved her hands up the cushions until her arms were stretched out in front of her as the flat of his palm slid up from the back of her knee over her thigh to her ass. His hand rose back and cut through the air fast, landing on her cheek with a hard thwack that made her stomach contract and her core clench around him. Savannah screamed out, the sound just as startling as the sting.

“Oh my—fuck. God damn it!” She cried out, the force of his hand nearly bringing her to orgasm. He pulled out of her and she immediately clasped her hand between her legs as if trying to fill the space left by him. Again he moved her effortlessly, sitting back on the couch and swinging her body around to straddle his hips and sit her back on his red and slick cock. She felt relief at facing him again. Being able to get her hands on him and take the control if only for the moment that he’d let her have it.

He was so slouched down on the couch the only thing the seat back was supporting was his head as she fucked him in the only way my body could at the moment. Hard and fast. Her forehead pinned to his as one of his hands palmed her ass and the other held to the back of her neck. His green eyes lulled and staring up at her like glistening emeralds.

“It’s so good, babe. Fuck, it’s so good,” his voice drove her further, suspending her at the edge. She wouldn’t let herself go over. She wanted her climax to be earth shattering so she held it off as best as she could.

His hands tore down the cups of her bra, palming my breasts and lowering his mouth to suck greedily at her hard nipples. She cried out and pushed up his shirt in tight fists, digging her nails into his chest. His hands moved to my neck and she grabbed his wrists and slammed them back to the couch, entwining her fingers with his and turning her hips in fast circles around his cock, stirring him inside her.

“Ugh, fuck!” His eyes squeezed closed and she felt the hard throb of his cock and she squealed as it tried to push her over but she wouldn’t let it. When his eyes opened they were like daggers, determined, as he bit into his bottom lip and pushed her hands away from his, quickly grabbing her wrists and tossing her arms behind her back, holding her wrists at the base of her spine with one hand while his hips took the control from her.

Savannah dropped her head to his shoulder, screaming louder than she should have while he thrust up into her with a burning determination to make her his and completely unravel her self-control and send her crashing.

“Come for me, Savannah. Come on. Fuck, I can feel it. You want to. You’re right there, babe.”

She had no control left. With her hands bound in his behind her back and his hips and cock taking her apart underneath her and his voice taking away the last of her restraint she was gone. The breath completely knocked out of her as she bit down on his shoulder and pulled in her forehead, coming around him hard. Quaking under my skin as he continued to finish me off. His hips slowed but didn’t stop as he pushed my hair from my ear.

“I want your mouth, love. Can you suck my cock for me, baby?”

“Mmhmm,” was the best response I could give him as I turned my lips to his and held to his cheek.

“Yeah?” His hand squeezed my ass and my spine went rigid.

“I want you there. Please…..Harry” she finally said his name as she begged and pleaded for more. And he felt damn proud.

 “Alright babe. But first you have to get me good and wet. Can you do that for me?”

She bit his lip, before she kissed down his chest and sunk to her knees on the floor between his legs, stroking her hand against his slick sex while his hips shifted and he licked his lips into his mouth with anticipation. She licked him base to head, tasting their sin hot on her tongue before closing her lips around the very tip of him and swallowing as much as she could stand. She felt him pushing against the back of her throat, dripping desire and she gasped when she pulled him free while he moaned and gripped the edge of the seat. She had no idea how close he was or how much he could take but she sucked him hungrily, taking him to the back of her throat over and over again before spitting against his head and pumping my hand across him to spread the wetness around him. Getting him good and wet just like he’d requested.

He gripped her arms and moved her back to the couch, putting her on her side with her knees bent to the back cushions and her legs pressed together. She had no preparation for him so she knew the burn would be substantial but she didn’t care. She needed him everywhere. Savannah twisted her upper body to look back at him, to grab his shirt at his stomach in a tight fist and brace herself as he circled his head against her tight entrance.

Her body tried to fend him off as he pushed inside. Her jaw dropped and she cried out as he slipped into her with a red burning. She heard the seams of his shirt begin to rip at the neck as she gripped tighter and he thrust into her, her body allowing him to go a couple inches before tightening around him and holding him at bay.

“Fuck, it’s so tight,” he growled, his curls draping his eyes, limp with sweat as he watched. He moved slow and the pain and heat began to subside and melt into that unspeakable pleasure once again. He moved faster once he was sure she could handle it and she smacked her hand to the leather and pressed her forehead to the seat back, crying out as each thrust allowed him to go deeper.

“Come here,” he demanded, looping his arm around my waist and laying his body back on the floor of the room. She faced away from him as he sat her back, putting his cock back inside me, filling her ass in a way she never thought she’d allow anyone to do. She braced her hands back on his chest while his hips rose up to take her.

His hand came around her thigh, covering her abandoned sex and driving her sensitive nub in hard circles making her scream for him and throw her head back. Her arms giving out and his hand having to push against her lower back to support her until she could get her bearings again. Savannah’s breath came out in audible harsh bullets making her muscles contract with each inhale or exhale.

She reached between his legs and squeezed his balls through his trousers, massaging them through the coarse fabric and listening to him at her back. Strings of obscenities and groans passing his tongue until they both came hard and trembling against one another. Hardly able to hold herself up. Her body pulling in on itself until she was nearly folded over on top of him.

She moved to the cool floor next to him, laying back with her hands by her head as if in defeat. Her muscles twitching and body shaking. Everything inside her body felt warm and filled. Stretched and pleased. Good and proper fucked.

He lay next to her, his chest rising and falling in deep movements as he stared unseeing up at the ceiling and licked at his swollen and salty lips. She watched him, loving how he looked afterwards. “You said my name” Harry turned his eyes to Savannah and breathed out a laugh that she breathlessly mirrored, resting her forehead to his shoulder. She could feel him leaking from her, hot and dripping. They needed something to clean up their clean up our mess.

“Shower with me?” Harry offered.

“mmm okay” Savannah lazily replied.

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