Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


20. It's Out


Chapter song: Demons by Imagine Dragons




"Your honor, my client is simply making the point that while he was away, working hard to pay for the mansion, his wife's activities may not have been entirely opptimistic" Harry stood up from his chair clearing out the statement that his client previously threw across the court in which case completely offended Savannah's client  

"If fidelity is of the issue here, then we can happily produce reciepts documenting Mr Jamerson's unbelievably expensive cruise" Savannah walked towards the front of the room meeting Styles halfway of the contradicting issues that were previously thrown at her and her client in which case financials were settling in

"What is the relevance of this?" The judge asked right before Harry could even open his mouth in reply to what Savannah had said.  

"I'm suggesting that Mrs Jamerson doesn't deserve to be awarded of a 3 million pounds mansion simply because she is of a good wife who happens to groom the house by hanging curtains and was popular" Harry confidently said

"why not? her husband forked 4 million on a love affair her wife never knew!" Savannah's temper started to rise that she blurted out private information that she wasn't allowed to know and most especially blurt out on court. But most importantly, the fact that she gave out private information of the opposing counselor's client was basically major offence to most lawyers, and Harry was no exception.   

Like Savannah, Harry's eyes started to grow bigger and darker in colour as anger ravegged him across his entire being and he started to lose his as well. Foul mouths. Foul words were thrown at each other on the floor. Of what vicious dragons they both were normally, this was worse. It was as if they had no idea of who each other was, just the fact that they were each other's opponents that none of them cared about and not even their relationship was reminding them.  

Harry was totally incapable of balancing his anger from his emotions. And that matter hit him on the most crucial time. It came to a point wherein he splurgged the one and only thing that he never intended to  

"My client has a similar case to you, Ms Lore! VIP list for three years and still found nothing, absolutely nothing. But when your client snooped around, everything was dug up! Gwendalyn Lore was murdered! And I know shit loads of information!" after that very last line that Harry threw, everything was silent. Like as if he was the only one in the room ad that all they eyes stating at him were painting.

Savannah's faced was in total shock that she couldn't even look at Harry, and if she did, she saw right through him literally as if no one was infront of her. She had no idea what to say nor how to react. She couldn't bare the pain of going back through that experience of what she encountered through all of that she did. All of her effort that amounted to nothing yet Harry found so much of the most important thing of her life.  

"" Savannah's mouthed. Not even audible enough but clear enough for Harry to know what she said

"Whatever the both of you have, please take it outside" The judge interrupted Harry before he could even speak and walked out of the room.  

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