Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


35. It's On



Chapter song: Get The Girl Back by Hanson





Harry rushed his way from the hotel to his house to get a proper shower, get dressed and prepared for his day- a day that he never saw coming. On the duration of his car ride from his flat to the firm; Harry phoned David telling him to do him a favour of contacting Charolette without Savannah knowing and let him be informed of her schedule and clients that her in hands. Harry wanted to cheat on the game, it was the only way he knew he'd be a step ahead in the game. He wanted to know what Savannah's cards were, he had something in plan though without any guarantee of getting her exactly but what he did know was that either way, he was still gonna get a hold of her no matter what.


Harry was back in the game. No turning back now. He knew what he wanted and even without any guarantee that he's gonna get it, he will get it. His angry game face was on. Getting it straight and laying his cards on the table. He wanted Savannah so badly back that he'd do anything at this point. He was ready prove tell her everything; that he was wrong, apologize, and tell her that without a doubt- she was the one. But then again; Harry needed to peak into Savannah's cards because of the obvious strategy that she was using; Harry knew that Savannah was avoiding him bigtime. He needed a way to see her. He needed a way to be in the same room as her, and that would only work in one way


"David, in my office. NOW" Harry rushed through the hall passing David's cubicle and into his office.

David followed into Harry's office as he was told to, he stood opposite of Harry sitting on his chair and shaking his hands on his head fixing his right mess hair and lifting up a bit of it to make a quiff out of it. 

"What did her assistant tell you?"Harry cleared his throat before asking David

"I'm not quite sure of want you want to know, sir...."

"Her schedule for the week and clients" Harry hastily replied back

"No trials of any sort for the week, only depositions-" David started narrating

"Good... go on" Harry nodded

"Loose with the clients. Soft cases as of the moment" David ended

"Well, I honestly thought I'd be expecting straing Ace's on her cards.....turns out she has nothing against me, hmpf......I'm all in" Harry refference to the game as poker confused David as to what Harry meant. Daivd what skillful and obidient but dumb as an Ox.

"Call Donna Deas, tell her you're John Hughes' assistant then give the line to me" Harry said confidently, then signaling David to eave his room to do what he's told


"Hi, yes Ms Deas? see I'm going to divorce my wife and-" Harry started talking on the phone to Donna till he cut her off

"Oh well if that's the case, I have Ms Lore for you-" Donna stated

Harry panicked thinking that Donna would call in Savannah and giving her the client in which case his entire plan would blow because Savannah would definitely recognize Harry's voice

"No! see actually, I already have a lawyer. What I want is that Ms Lore would be my wife's councilor for the case due to the well known fact that she hasn't been in the divorce field for a while now that I'd like my wife to lose" Harry confidently said, intimidating Donna to force her into shoving the case down into Savannah's throat for her to take and win over and prove the to whom she thought Mr John Hughes wrong.

"And I might ask; who is your councilor, Mr Hughes?" Donna inquisitively asked

"Ahhh well, Ms Deas, that is for me to know. All I want is for my wife to have a lawyer that would be of a good match to mine. Good Day" Without even another breath, Harry placed the phone down giving himself a smile knowing that he will meet Savannah and that his plan is working.


"I don't accept blue folders anymore Donna. I thought you were aware of that" Savannah gave back the coloured folder stating that she had no longer any interest of the type of case that her boss had handed over to her.

"Well suck it up Lore because the client's husband requested you as to he himself is also aware that you haven't been doing divorce. He said he needed the opposing to suck as for him to win. So whether you like it or not, you are going to handle this case." Donna expressed extreme emphasis in almost every single word to make sure that all the facts would sync in into Savannah's head. 

"Fine! Who then is the opposing?" Savannah sighed furiously through her nose like a mad pensive bul steaming grabbing the blue folder once again from Donna and asking

"He wouldn't tell. All he said was that you were a good match to his councilor. You'd meet in court" Donna told Savannah

"Charolette! contact the client for an order of the depsition!" Savannah loudened her voice for her assistant to her her from outside her office

"Okay, so the client's husband is John Hughes......" Savannah said reading through the folder 

".....shhhit" Savannah murmured

"What?" Donna asked curious of Savannah's reaction

"I know who his lawyer is" Savannah said

"Which is?"


"What are you gonna do about it?" Charolette walked into the room with a piece of paper in hand and asked of what she previously heard

Savannah turned around from the people inside her office and breathed deeply, looking out of the massive window in her office and turnig back again

"I'm gonna win me some money"




Let the games begin.

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