Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


14. Ink


Louis cleared his throat before he wcould even reply to what Harry asked him. Harry instantly sensed that he did and that it was important given the fact that they've been friends for a long period of time. He knows Louis' various voice tones. He could easily tell if soething was wrong.   

"You did. What is it?" Harry sighed into a deep one and then an outburst of frustration and confusion was smothered on his entire face. Biting his cheeks inwards with pouted pursed lips.

    "I think it's better if you'd see it for yourself. I'm at the precinct" Louis managed to say besides Harry's eagerness of knowing what he found out of the matter.

  Harry knew that he needed to see it for himself since it was that of which he was told, yet he coulnd't manage to leave without any suspicion coming from Savannah and also, he didn't want to leave Savannah alone with Niall even if he knew that they're perfectly good friends. He didn't trust him at all. He couldn't give him a chance if he had to. Harry was definitely being an immature child. Getting jealous over attention. Harry knew it was stupid but there was something else in hos mind that caused more of it; he just couldn't pin point what it was, but it was definitely a bad sort of vibe.   

"Louis, I can't today. I have uhhh company"   

"OH!!! haha I'll leave you to it then" Louis started laughing at what Harry had told him because of his thought that Harry had a girl over at his place. But no. It was a nuisance.

"I'll drop by the precinct on Monday" Harry uttered in asurance that he will be showing for what Louis had told him about and of.  

"Alright" was the last thing said right after the call ended.   

Again, Harry came out of the room and walked to the living room. Niall had occupied the other half of the long couch in which Savannah was also sitting on. Harry didn't have a choice but to sit on the single couch that was settled on the side of the long occupied one. The where he was supposed to be seated at, Harry thought. 

 A few more minutes after and Savannah's home phone rang.  

"I just have to get that. Harry, could you keep him company?" Harry was happy of the thought that Niall and her separate. His mind was screaming yes  

"Yeah sure" Harry did his best on keeping himself chalant of the whole situation. He instantly had it all figured out. He was gonna ask him all sorts of questions. As if he was a super cop and Niall was the weak criminal that would burst out when pushed to limits. He wanted to know everything about Niall. What his relationship with Savannah was and is, How did they know each other and everything else that ranged from how he knew Savannah to how they became too close to each other. Cruelty was what Harry thought of doing and asking, though Harry didn't know what he was up for.   

"Soooo..." Harry prompt himself on his chair, looking as proper as he could with a cute little smile on his face which as definitely fake but difficult to tell that it was. There wasn't a dimple. Figures.

 "I'm Harry by the way, my apologies for my rudeness a while ago"  

"Niall. Nialler. Whatever you want. Nah, I don't mind. It was my look wasn't it? ha! There's always something beyond, Harry"  

Dagger eyes against a witty mind. With just that, Harry temper was starting to be tested. But that tick him off yet. The conversation went on and on and on. Each question that was thrown at Niall was given a witty and smart humourous feedback and reply. Niall figured out what Harry was doing to him. The more sly that Harry was getting, Niall's answers were starting to sound wiser after each answer. 

 "You and Savannah went to college together? I heard you two were flat mates during college"

  "We were flat mates but we went to different colleges. We just lived in the same flat because our flat was halfway from both our colleges. I didn't go to law school haha! I went to Cambridge" 

  "Ohhh....." Fuck this dirtbag's actually smart and talented. Fuck. Harry again thought to himself. He wasn't a lawyer but he was smart. Harry was afraid to admit it to himself but, yes, there's always something beneath the outside. Shit.  

"So, uh umm Cambridge aye? Then why all this? ink and those" pointing onto Niall's exquisite skin that was inked of patterns, words, and symbols of what they looked like to Harry.

 "Studied because that's what my folks wanted. After that, I went on with myself. Music. So far, I'm living the dream" Niall's answers were truly confident. Not gocky in any way. Completely honest and true  

"Am I interrupting something? Seems like quite a deep conversation you two are having...." Savannah interrupted Harry's assessment of Niall.   

"Uh no, not at all babe, not at all" Harry shook his head for no further questions.  

He got all the information he needed. With that, he was satisfied, but that's what he thought. As soon as Niall left the flat, Savannah and Niall exchanging goodbyes, Harry just had that feeling of grudge over him even more. Like Niall had the word trouble written all over him. Like it was inked on his body. When Niall went for the door knob, Harry noticed a phrase on Niall's right wrist. A phrase with a similar font. He wasn't sure why it had seemed familiar but Harry was pretty sure that he knows the design. "...and a day" Harry read it with his eyes. It meant absolutely none sense to him. But what struck him the most were the dots that came before the phrase, why didn't the dots come after the word day Harry thought.   

"You okay, Harry?" Savannah faced him with puppy dog eyes showing her concern of him  

"Yeah, I'm fine" Harry knocked himself back to the present but again got disturbed when Savannah fixed her shirt. It was an of shoulder that showed the perfect amount of skin that a girl needed to show to turn someone on. Harry focused his eyes on Savannah's shoulders as she gently placed the sleeves in place, and Harry was reminded of the tattoo Savannah had on her shoulder. "forever..." was inked on her, in elegant and cursive. A typical white girl tattoo. Such a cliche.   

"forever and a day" Harry mumbled to himself as his eyes widened in what seemed as if a mix a confusion, rage, and what-the-hell-is-going-on.          




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