Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


30. I'm Yours To Keep

"Yeah, send her a ticket. Make sure it's the non-refundable one haha that way she wouldn't say no" Niall yelled outloud to be heard across the massive room he and the crew were in

"Ire, you do know that either way; all she's gonna say is no and-"

"E-e-e-NOPE she will come....with the right persuassion, she will" Niall leaned over to Josh's seat and tilted his chin as if he was going to kiss him intimately

"What are you gonna do?" 

"I ain't tellin' ye"


Savannah was spent the rest of her day out of her office and locked herself inside her house lounging lazily in her living room, rolling on the carpet, opening and closing the refrigerator for no particular purpose, turning the light switch on and off, she was acting like a completely bored teenager, like a 16 year old waiting for a guy to call back or perhaps waiting for the pizza man to arrive because all she wants is pizza to make her happy like any teenager would nowadays. Savannah had no idea what to do with herself, if she wasn't in her right mind, she would've already throw herself out of the window, but she figured that she has too much on her plate to even do that and that she'd probably do that sometime when she isn't busy any longer.

Savannah got tired of roaming around her flat and just lied on the cold floor staring at the ceiling not knowing what to do, counting her breathing, looking at the dirt on the wall, she glanced at the coffee table near o her right side and saw the open envelope and scattered paper placed near it, she received Niall's expensive and non-refundable tickets for next week's show. Sheliked watching concerts es[ecially when she was a teenager, she's even a slight fan of Niall's band; though when she found out that Niall was part of the band which never even swpt inside of her mind, she unconciously distanced herself from it without any good reason at all. Until she heard the radio interview that shed her heart, in which case she kew what Niall was trying to do or at least she's trying to get a grasp of what he's about to do, expensive non-refundable tickets, meaning he really wants her to watch him perform.....for her....PERHAPS

A few more minutes had passed and Savannah heard a guitar strumming from outside her flat, she figured it was just someone jamming in the hallway with other teens but the guitar was getting louder and the strumming began to sound very familiar to Savannah, she couldn't get it pass her mind what the song was or where she heard it but she was damn sure that she definitely knew that song somewhere from way past then

"You sacrificed so much of your life,
In order for this to work, 
While I'm pff chasing my own dreams,
Sailin' around the world,
Please know that I'm yours to keep, my beautiful girl"

As soon as Savannah heard those lines she instantly got up and literally ran as fast as she could to the door and opened it seeing Niall playing his acoustic guitar and siniging to her with his angelic voice and face as well

"When you cry,
A piece of my heart dies,
knowing that I may have been the cause.
If you were to leave,
to fulfill someone else's dreams,
I think I minght totally be lost.
You don't ask for no diamond rings,
No delicate strings of pearls,
That's why I wrote this song to sing my beautiful girl"

It was Savannah's favourite song from when she was in uni, or what ot say; her jam.
With that Niall removed his guitar and placed on the ground, kneeled in front of Savannah, grabbing her hand tilting his head upward and asking her,

"Savannah Lore, will you come to our show? please" in the most serious and sincere manner that he possibly could without laughing

"You know; usually in my country, when a man gets down on one knee; it's either he's proposing or he got shot. I didnt't know they do it differently in Ireland" Savannah laughed 

"Well actually I planned on doing that to but I figured it would be cliche" and Niall kissed her hand as softly as a gentleman would

"Mr. Horan, if I may ask, are you persuading me?" Savannah raised her eybrow at him

"I don't know. Are you persuaded yet?" Niall stood up and kissed Savannah on the cheek that made Savannah freeze for a quick moment that she's never been kissed by Niall for a very long time since they were togther in uni.

"I already recieved two kisses and an expensive non-refundable ticket, so basically I no longer have a choice" Savannah gave Niall a smirk. A smirk that Niall misunderstood and led him into crashing his lips onto hers with Savannah caught in the momentum kissing back walking backward letting Niall walk into her flat with him pushing the door shutting it close without even disconneting their lips from each other.

Everything sweet turned into something intimate with one snap. A drunk moment, a burning flame.
Savannah pushed his hair back, sliding her tongue across the space behind his ear, closing her mouth over it as his hands gripped tighter and he groaned low in his throat. Feeling anxious from the night and needy to feel a a flame inside of her. Gently, he pulled her jumper over Savannha's  head and let it pool on the floor, his careful hands sweeping across her back, under her fall of hair until his fingers were against her scalp. Turning his face to hers, capturing Savannah's mouth. She wrapped her arms around his head, sinking herself into the kiss. Feeling every slow tender movement of his tongue against hers. Pressing herself against him, kissing him deeper. She couldn’t even feel it when he had her bra unclasped, his fingers curling in the straps and pulling the lacey fabric from her arms. Savannah pressed her chest to him again, felt the smooth cotton of his shirt against her skin. Unbuttoning the shirt and gliding her hands across his soft velvety skin. His teeth pulling gently down on her button lip as his kisses moved under her chin and down her throat, pressing firmly to the hollow. Savannah exhaled, tipping her head back and rolling her hips ever so gently against him. He tightened his arm around her back, straightening her spine and pushing her breasts higher, tracing her nipple slowly with his tongue before bringing his mouth around it and sucking lightly. Savannah whimpered softly, goosebumps rising across her stomach and arms. 


Dragging his lips across her chest, he repeated his actions on the other side, his eye lashes fluttering against the swell of her breast. The entire night melted away. Nothing to be reminded of. Forgotten. Feeling his mouth against hers, his hands as they roamed across her back. His messed up hair as they tickled her collarbone. Niall’s hands gripped her hips and moved her on the couch, she watched him carefully as he crawled up her, his shirt hanging open, She sucked in her breath as his ivory skin closed in the space between them, kissing me again. Savannah whimpered again against his tongue when his hand slipped slowly between her thighs, the side of his finger ghosting down her center over her underwear. Pressing his knuckle to her tiny bundle of nerves he drove it in slow circles, building the heat under her skin. She reached above her head to grip her pillows and his other hand rose to meet hers, holding her hands there as his fingers slipped under her knickers. She arched her back into him as she felt him move over her slit and curl his finger inside me. Niall moved his hand slowly, pressing in deep and swirling his finger inside of her. Breaking from her mouth he kissed her collarbone and her chest as she tried to control the volume of her breathing. His mouth open against her stomach as his eyes looked up on her. Savannah licked her tongue across her lips and pushed her hand into Niall's hair, his hand still working inside her, her hips raising against it.  He pulled the fabric of her high waisted skirt down, his lips closing on the skin under her navel. He pulled my skirt and knickers carefully down her legs. His tongue licking across the junction of her thigh, kissing Savannah's hip and the spot right above her slit. She was breathless as she waited to feel him. His tongue slipping against her as his fingers beckoned inside her. 


“Niall—,” Savannah breathed out, her back rolling up as the tip of his tongue flicked against her clit. 


He sucked gently, pulling back slightly and dipping back in, never releasing her from the gentle pull of his lips. 


“Oooh God—” She gasped, turning her head, biting into the flesh at the base of her thumb. He worked her to the edge but didn’t let her fall. He knew she needed him completely before then. 

He kissed her stomach as Savannah breathed heavily, squirming underneath him. He reached her lips and she moaned against his tongue before she moved down, closing her mouth over his chin, licking under it before kissing his Adam’s apple and scooting her body down the bed underneath him. She pushed her hand over his jeans, felt him stiff and waiting under her palm. Savannah massaged him gently, kissing his chest as he braced his hands on the couch and held himself up. His head dropped to watch Savannah as she unbuckled his belt and, without pushing his jeans down, pulled him from it’s confines. The tip of him grazed against her throat as she slid herself further down and took him into her mouth. 


“Uhhh God,” Niall groaned, his forearm bending to the bed as his forehead rest against it, his hips staying up. Savannah sucked carefully, pumping slowly against him with her hand. IShe had nowhere to go and as he grew harder against her tongue, She couldn’t pull away. The cold metal of his belt buckle tickled her collarbone as she pushed her hands around his hips to his butt and pushed him down, bringing him further into her mouth. 


“Oohh fu—” he bit into his arm to muffle himself as Savannah pushed and pulled his hips until he began thrusting into her mouth himself. She massaged his balls, feeling them tighten in her hand as his arousal grew. He pulled his hips up higher, taking himself out of her mouth and she gasped, gripping him and swirling her tongue against his tip. 


“Shit, babe. Come here,” he groaned and Savannah tilted her head back and looked at him. As she pulled herself back up the couch his wet tip dragged a slick trail down between her breasts, across her stomach and finally, grazed lightly against her core. She sucked in a breath, pushing his shirt from his shoulder and biting gently into the skin as she gripped his bicep. Niall raised to his knees between her legs and peeled his shirt off his toned arms. Savannah grazed her hand against his stomach, pushed her thumb up the curve of his hip. He pulled his jeans and boxers off and came back down to rest between her thighs. 


“Take me slow, Niall,” Savannah whispered, raising her knee to his hip and pressing her foot flat to the back of his thigh. He circled his fingers around his base, lining himself up to her. Savannah held to his biceps as he rolled his hips up, pushing every last inch inside her and pressing up at the last second to press deeper. Savannah's forehead pulled in as she locked onto his eyes, her neck tensing and her mouth falling open as she felt him deeper inside her than she'd recall from back then. 


“Ha-ohh. Don’t move,” Savannah begged, needing to feel him there. She dug the pads of her fingers into his backside and pressed him down even further just to feel him nudge against that spot inside her that made her toes curl. He dropped his forehead to the smallpillow and breathed heavily against the curve of my neck. 


“You feel incredible,” Savannah whispered with her lips against his ear. 


Niall pressed his lips to the hinge of her jaw and pulled back slowly then pushed back in exactly as he’d entered and we both moaned. Savannah closed her lips around the sound while he quieted himself against the skin of her neck. 


“Keep going like that,” She pressed her cheek to his as he pulled back and pushed in and filled every part of her. 


“Haaaoooh God, mmmmm,” Savannah sucked on her bottom lip while he groaned softly against her. 


He lifted his head, lining his face up with hers, his tongue lashing out against his lips as they parted over his breathing. 

They shifted carefully, him lifting up to fold me to her side, press her thighs together and move his body behind hers. He kissed her back and she reached over my shoulder to hold to his hair, his hands gliding over her stomach, dipping between her legs just to caress the smooth flesh of her sex before trailing back up. His mouth to her shoulder as his finger tips circled her nipples, bringing them to peaks that he pressed his warm palm to and kneaded. 


"Anna?" Niall uttered still with his subtle steady breathing

"Mhm?" Savannah replied to Niall, too tired to even utter a word

"Remember when I told you that I didn't want to ask you in a cliche way?"


"This wasn't part of the plan but it still isn't cliche...." Savannah shifted to face Niall and stared at each other for a silent moment and suddenly both of them bursting into laughter

"Oh god I've missed you Anna" Niall cupped Savannah's face leaning forward kissing her softly in the most passionate way anyone could

"I've missed you too, Niall" Savannah murmured and went closer to Niall, hugging each other so tight, closing the space between them with Savannah's face close to his chest and Niall's chin resting on Savannah's head.






//The song Niall was playing for Savannah was The Girl by The City And Colour//

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