Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


36. Identify

"Do you believe in love in first sight, Niall?" 

"Not really but I'd say yes because it saves me time haha" Niall threw back

The arena was a quarter filled with people. The band and fans that bought tickets for themselves to inside during the soundcheck right before the show. Niall was giving them a tad show for themselves. One that made some of the fans think of intruiging questions that they were indeed able to ask right after the soundcheck when Niall started entertaining their shooting questions almost ll at the same time. Each girl had a question that satisfied each and every one inside the room, some of which Niall answered seriously, some of which he answered as a joke to pass through it yet there was one fan that he didn't get through that she asked him the question differently,

"What's her name?" she asked loudly for Niall to hear her from the noisy crowd


"Pardon?" Niall asked into the microphone as everyone in the area fell silent

"Who is she? What's her name?" She asked again walking through the small crowd nearing the edge of the stage

"Who are you talking about, babe?" Niall asked quizzically not knowing who the girl was asking about

"Who's the bird you sing about all the time? You already said once that there's a girl; who is she?" 

With that, loud whispering was heard from the background, typical controvertial teenagers dipping their noses on everything. Niall knew that he couldn't dodge that bullet without taking one for the team though niether did he know what he was supposed to do to answer the question properly. With all Niall's heart, he wanted to tell all of them who she was, what and how much she's worth. The only thing that pulled him back was the fact that he didn't want to add more damage collateral onto Savannah than Harry had done to her, invading her privacy was already too much. Adding up the pressure of being with a celebrity and getting daily threats and hate wasn't what Savannah nor Niall needed, plus; Savannah's a proper lawyer, Niall could just imagine all the comment and judgement the both of them would get. Horendous ones, even ones that very much intolerable. Neither of them needed those. But still, Niall didn't have an answer for the fan but to his luck right before the girl had even the chance to repeat her question; Josh ran up to Niall telling him something and giving him a quick pat on the back. All Niall did was bring his body down onto the stage stretching his neck further closer to the girl's face, signaling her to get closer to him, he gave her a wink and kissed her on the cheek and quickly standing up from the stage, the small crowd became rowdy of what Niall had done to the fan he had kissed and started yelling telling Niall to kiis them, hug them, even make out with them,

"Thank you for coming to the soundcheck guys, I'll see you later" Niall spoke to the microphone and headed on back of the stage

"That was a close one aye Ire?" Josh said to Niall still panting from the drumming session he had just recently done

"No shit, mate" Niall exhaled a laugh throwing his head back

"What is it with you and Savannah, mate? are you a thing?" Josh asked Niall, handing him a bottle of water

"No no no not at all. Savannah and I were never together" Niall shook his head answering Josh's question

"But you've slept with her.......more than thrice.......ever since high school...." Josh was making a statement, he was trying to get a point get passed through Niall's head that in of which Niall was obviously denying

"It's hard to explain. Yes, we have slept together for a thousand times but no, we were never in a committment" Niall tried his best to explain

"Friends with benefits then?" 

"I don't know mate!" Niall stopped walking and nearly raised his voice at Josh for the confusion that even Niall himself couldn't explain


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