Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


39. Hot Waste



"Tell me what you've got" Louis said into his phone without even a sht greeting as to seeing who the call was coming from and having an idea of what it was about.

"So far, not much. Though I did get a sneak of the soft file in which it's been recently veiwed as well-" Avery told Louis everything she was getting into with that she promised of helping out Louis with his friend's non-problem (actually)

"yeah okay, have you traced it yet?" Louis asked

"Yes. Even better, I have him for you. I could bring him in for your interrogation"

"Alright" with that, Louis ended the quick conversation with Avery in decided onto waiting for their arrival at the precint for the interrogation to be held on whoever he was about to go on about.


"Oi Tommo! who's the walk in?" the guy from across the room asked Louis; signaling his head over to his side for not an obvious point over at Avery and a person held in custody; dark brown hair, light stubble, furrowed brows, squinted eyes, grey jumper, denim trousers, quite innocent looking actually. Not to be thought of as to be caught in anything suspicious of some sort. Yet then again, that's probably most one of the reasons why he was doing so- because people wouldn't really suspect a thing.

Louis stood from his desk and walked towards Avery, meeting her halfway of the hall and grabbing the guy into his hands keeping him inside the interrogation room. 

"Stay here" Louis said to the guy that looked like he didn't a fuck much about whatever the reason why he was going to be interrogated.

Louis went outside, leaving him alone and locking the door behind him along with security that regularly gurad the door whenever the room is in use. Giving him a quick pat on the back and again Louis waled towards Avery having a brief pep talk of who he was. Just merely the basics for Louis to know on where and how to hit him about of the situation. And needless to say Louis also needed to know what he only knew for him not to let to let anything confidential of the topic. Louis didn't control the file. He had no write in splurging it about unlike all the other cases that he'd had. Once he's gotten enough- he just nodded to Avery and invited to her into the room just in case of assistance. 

As soon as Louis entered the room, he started talking and questioning the guy that was silently seated in the room. For some reason- he wasn't intimidated by Louis. He was just basically all collected and calm as if he didn't do anything wrong at all but at which we should think otherwise. Yet then again; a trained innocent guy would've always been the perfect trade. He wasn't aswering any questions. He just kept smirking and huffing onto the questions being thrown at him by both Louis and Avery. They were both getting annoyed at him, none of them knew had any idea on how to crack him to speak and but the knew that it would'nt be anytime soon. But Louis didn't intend to back out on this, he promised a friend and he planned on keeping it that way. He needed to level above to which he started hitting the table hard with his hand, standing up from his seat, leaning onto him staring, raising his voice, a monster.


Yet nothing, Liam remain non-challant of it. Absolutely not threatened at any sense at all. Till he cleared his throat and sat up straight. Liam looked at Louis and Avery.

"Assholes" Liam blurted out with a quick laugh

"Neither of you having anything agaisnt me. You don't even know what I know. Based on all your shit; I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just a regular douchebag minding other people's business just like any average bloody hell fucking 21 year old would do as a past time" Liam briefly explained still being calm. 

"Now, if you may excuse me, since I've done nothing against any republic act; I would now escort myself right out of this room and building. Good'ay" Liam stood up from the chair he was seated on and all collectedly left the room as he slipped a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses on. Leaving his massive bowl of sarcasm and badass right in front of Louis' pissed off aura.


"Cheers mates!" Liam waved from behind as he closed the door behind him



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