Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


32. Heat


"Good morning Mr Styles, You have a scheduled deposition with Phaulsom Foods later at two this afternoon..and-"

"Wait wait wait wait wait. Hold up there David. What the hell is Phaulsom Foods?" Harry stopped walking and faced David asking his question not aware of what type nor what case David was handling him

"Sir, you...uhm asked me the other day to fill you in with a new case that isn't divorce so I pulled strings and got you a gender case" David confidently replied

"What kind of lawyer do you think I am?!" Harry asked in the most nudnick way he possibly could

"Sir, uhm I'm cofused....a day ago you told me to get you any case as long as it isn't a divorce case" David's face turned all diffrent and had no idea what to think

"Look David, If you're still not getting it then fine; let me lay my cards down on your table," Harry's voice turned sturn, closing in into David

"I know that Savannah hasn't been taking Divorce cases and I know that it is quiet on the field. If this goes on any longer, people are going to be suspicious and people are going to find out. I find to get back in there and fight with what I am bloody hell good at so GET ME A GOD DAMN FUCKING DIVORCE CASE DAVID!" Harry instantly lost his temper with no good reason at all. David turned red and scared like a little boy that almost wet his trousers right in front of his all male provado gym class teacher

"Harold, I am not happy with how you have been treating your underlings especially Daivd. You think you have the right to do all that? Whatever matter is going on with you does not have to be dragged ino this office and pulling down every single employee that works beneath you" Nigel stormed into Harry's office 

"FINE! Fire me, oh wait- you can't because I bring millions into this firm even though I don't have my name on the door" Harry's temper was not backing down on anyoe and neither was his sarcasm

"I'd throw you out the window if only this wasn't because of Ms. Lore" Nigel chucked his head out, saying the tiniest fact that Harry knew Nigel never knew about yet he did

"Wait, you know about that?" Harry's eyes widened 

"I found out about it-"


"My wife and I acted the same as you did back then earlier, it didn't give me a hard time to figure out that you two were in a relationship. Harry, whatever the matter is; do give her time" Nigel confronted Harry along side with his simplest confession

"I am giving her time, way too much I think" Harry tilted his head down thinking to himself

"You need to tell her your reason. You need to settle with her then afterwards lt her or make her know that you're still holding on to her" Nigel continued on

"What the hell did you do to Nigel?" Harry asked being confused of how all of a sudden his boss was concerned of him and giving him advice on of his love life

"Speaking of Nigel, I want you to go to the Ritz hotel, mett up with a client. Tomorrow at around 11PM"

"Eleven? consultation with a client at that late an hour?" Harry asked being bothered by the lateness of the time given to him

"Very busy man" Nigel said walking out of Harry's office.


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