Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


15. Glass Eyes


Chapter Song: James Dean & Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping with Sirens      



Harry had every intention of confronting Savannah of the matter but he thought back and figured to just shrug it off till some other time. He thought that it'd be bad that he might lose his self control and get mad having no absolute right. It would be unfair to Savannah. He blinked his eyes a bunch of times, clearing his blank vision and cleared his throat, 

 "Hey Savannah, I'm gonna take a shower. Would you like to join me?" Harry wrapped his arms around her slim waist pulling her in from the back  

"I'd love to Harry, but I have paper work to do and I have to e-mail some documents to the the firm that have a deadline"   

"I'll leave the door open in case you change your mind" resting his chin on the crook of her neck and shoulder, placing a soft lingering kiss on it. Savannah turned around, facing him and gave him a a long deep kiss.  

"I'll keep that in mind" followed by a wink as she walked away to the bedroom.  

Savannah was serious when she said that she had paper work to do. She really did. And it was a pile. Finalizing cases, analyzing reports, reviewing recent files. She was definitely a busy girl. After a few minutes of skimming through and organzing everything, she decided to heat some water for a cup of tea from the kitchen. She was walking through the hallway and as Harry said; he did leave the door open. Savannah decided to stop for a peek. She didn't enter the room. For no particular reason; the sound of the shower running down made her smile, but what made her laugh and gave out her position was when she heard Harry singing in the shower  

"I don't know what she's sees in me, but I'm happy,

she's happy now She's with me.

And I'm freaking out, because I'm just so lucky,

Oh she makes me feel like shit, but I can't get over it

Cuz' she's everything I ask for everything I ask for And just a little bit more

Everything I ask for, everything I ask for!

And so much more"  

"Oh god, Savannah! you could have knocked" Harry was in complete shock of Savannah's laughter, but mostly; he felt embarrassed that she heard him singing about her. He felt vulnerable. Savannah opened the shower door and entered it without even bothering to take her clothes off. She came closer to Harry and cupped his face with both her hands and gave his pudgy lips a quick peck and rested her head and his bare warm wet chest wrapping her arms around his broad built long torso

 "You are so adorable. I'm the lucky one, Harry" she mumbled into his skin. Her breath tickling his flesh as it hit him.   

Harry hugged her back as tight and close as they both could get. No gap in between them. Her cheek pressed to his chest, her torso pressed to his. They're bodies couldn't breathe. The water that was coming from the shower barely synced itself between the both of them.   

"We both are, Savannah. I can give you the forever written on your shoulder"  

Savannah broke the hug and shot Harry with a small smile like she was about to say something, 

 "Babe, is uh Niall and I umm" she struggled to get it out of her system. She feared that Harry might hate her when he finds out. That he might think that Niall owns her.   

"It's okay, love. What is it?" he lifted her chin up, looking deep into her eyes that were in glass form filled with tears  

"We have a phrase tattoo. The other half of my tattoo is written on his wrist. I'm so sorry, Harry. I was naive" Savannah rushed her words as fast as she could and stormed out of the shower dripping wet not even bothering to drag the towel along with her. Her guilt ate her alive. She never thought of it as a mistake till Harry mentioned of it and it her conscience. She knew she had to be honest. Tears were streaming fast down her face while she was in the kitchen. Waiting for the heating kettle to shout that it was done. Her vision was as blurry as a windshield during a thunderstorm. A range of nothing in sight. She was more than sobbing, she was crying everything out. The guilt that was eating her got even more painful every second. She got a quick snap of reality when the kettle started to boil, she turned the stove off and tried her best to compose her self but she was too unstable that when she lifted the heavy kettle, it dropped to the floor and spilled hot water all over the place. The heated water was running through and under her feet. The heat was too much to bear that all she did was yell. Savannah wasn't anywhere near stable. She didn't even get to think of running out of the kitchen, instead all she did was yell.   

"SAVANNAH! What happened, babe?" Harry came rushing through the kitchen opening with nothing but his Calvin Klein boxers on and damp hair. Seeing the steaming floor, he grabbed a pair of sneakers from the door and ran back into the kitchen carrying Savannah whom was still sobbing her life out. As if all the water that was on floor came from her eyes. Like how Alice in Wonderland drowned the little key-less door because of her tears. Harry lifted her up from the ground and carried her to the living room. Lying her down on the long couch and comforting her all throughout her crying period. He didn't shush her. All he did was stroke her hair and kiss her forehead. He didn't say a word, though not a single look of anger was on his face. He was concern. When Savannah's crying had stopped, he looked at her and kissed her lips,  

"Love, don't cry about the tattoo anymore okay? Please don't"  

"Harry, I'm so so-"  

"I know. I don't care about that. It's just ink. It doesn't make that much big of a deal, babe" Harry stated clearly that he wasn't boggled by it no longer. At first he definitely was, but when he saw how much more it disturbed Savannah and even the fact that she told him about it made the tattoo worthless to him. Sorry spelled across Savannah's eyes whenever he'd look into them.  That was the first that Harry saw Savannah crumble down. The first time he saw her cry her heart out. But Harry knew that there was more than that. That that wasn't all she had, she was still holding back so much more emotions. Emotions that barely would show. Harry didn't even plan nor want to see those emotions. He was afraid of the possibilities that might happen if ever she would pour it all out. Savannah was a very much powerful young lady. She knew what she wanted. She was a fearless warrior. But she was much more fragile than a thin glass behind her tall barriers. She blocked everyone she could. Even the closest people, she had ways of blocking them. Everything she kept, she kept good. The number of secrets she had to herself could make a sequel. There was more to her than meets the eye. And Harry figured all that ever since he'd been with her. The foggy glass he was looking through was turning into nothing but fog.   

"Savannah, your forever with him is just ink. My forever with you breathes. I have my arms wrapped around it right now"

"Why didn't you come after me when I ran out? Why didn't you stop me?"   

"Because I wanted to finish my shower" Harry said followed with a boisterous laughter because of his complete honesty. He did want to finish his shower, but his deeper thought was that he never wanted Savannah to feel that he controlled her. That he would choke her. He gave her space. In fact, enough space that would make their entire relationship a completely risky one. But they trusted themselves. Amazing how fast Harry could instantly turn a very intimate scenario into a foolish one. It made them less serious.   

"Want tea?" Savannah looked up at him from his chest  

"You're too clumsy for me to trust. I'll do it myself" Harry chuckled while she whacked him on his chest and he tossed her to his side, standing up from the couch and heading straight to the kitchen leaving her alone in the living room.   

"You better clean this up!" Harry yelled out to Savannah. She just laughed to her acknowledgement of the deed and did as she was told.        



  //The song Harry was singing in the shower was; Everything I Ask For by The Maine//  

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