Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


34. Get Set


Chapter song: In The Next Room by Neon Trees



"Sir, do understand that you are an impulse buyer that made you a complete success but may also lead you to complete failure in your relationship with your wife. Do keep that in mind. Now if you excuse me, I have to go" Harry stated to his client, standing up from the nice comfy chair and leading himself out of the hotel room.

Harry looked at his watch and checked the time, figuring it was already way too late for quite a distant ride home, Harry decided that he'd stay in for the night since it was the Ritz hotel. He went down to the lobby and checked himself in;

"Sir your room will be 4203 and here is your key, thank you and have a nice night" the receptionist as told him

Harry took the key but did not go up yet to his said and given room, he decided to pop a tad bit of drinks at the bar not to blow of anything but just to relax with the eyesight of just looking at wandering people having converations at one another; it was like a 3D television for Harry just looking around, snide comments at the back of his head, such a mind of a perfect liar and lawyer. 


"Niall, why did you take me here?" Savannah asked while Niall swiped the card through the door

"Your flat is too far. This hotel is 3 blocks away from the arena. I think that's pretty clear ey?" NIall looked at Savannah straight into the eyes with a mocking look 

"Crystal" Savannah answered

"Voila! 4204! I like the curtains" Niall entered the room and commented

"Look there's ice" Savannah grabbed the small bucket filled with as she said; ice

"So?" Niall had no idea why Savannah all of a sudden became interested in the ice bucket that she had in hand

"I've got something in mind" Savannah winked at Niall and turned around, walking slowly into the bedroom


Harry again checked his watch and rubbed his eyes, he placed the glass onto the bar and stood up from him chair makig his way across the lobby and pressing the button lift to go tp his hotel room. The lift was empty when Harry got in it and there was pleasant music playing in the background as to swoon or sooth whoever was inside the lift, and since Harry was a tad bit drunk, he smiled to himself and chuckled and started dancing inside the lift like a complete idiot. Rocking his body back and forth, too and fro, even did a few little spins to his pleasure till he made it up to his floor.

Harry dragged his heavy feet across the carpeted floor, throught the long hallway, he started at every number on the door he'd pass just to check if it was his. He wasn't sure if he was seeing the right numbers so to his comfort; he had squinted his eyes throughout the entire search of his room. After 10 minutes, Harry found room 4203, his room. He took his key card from his suit's pocket and swiped it through the door leaning on it and pulling the door knob down and pushing the door inside, Harry also accidentally swung inside the room because he was leaning his heavy weight on the door. 

Harry walked around the room, looking around, looking outside the window and closing the curtains. He removed his blazer and cleared his throat, lied down on the bed without even removing his shoes, crisp button down shirt, or trousers. 
He was drifting to sleep, sound sleep but he didn't even get to fluff the pillow, his head rested on top of the wood of the bed head board and all of a sudden he heard and felt a thump, his eyes turned wide open and his shut eye was bothered. Harry had no idea what is was nor from where it came from but he chose to ignore whatever it was and decided to stand up and go to the loo, giving himself a cold splash on the face and underssing himself for a comfy sleep

At least that's what he thought he'd end up with a the hotel...or mostly at the hotel room he was given. 
More thumps followed the previous on that he thought was only one, Harry s was badly disturbed by it; it was continous someone was literally pounding on his head over and over again. It was making him very uncomfortable of his sleep.


The following morning, Harry opened his eyes from his ragged sleep and made his way to the loo to give himself a splash just to freshen up and decided to out himself of the hotel and take a proper rest at home then go on back to the firm for other business.

Harry gathered his stuff and went out of the room, swipping the key card lock and walking down the hall to the lift. Pressing the ground button and patiently waiting while he gets down to where he's supposed to. Harry walked to the receptionist to check out of the hotel when he heard a familiar voice that came out of the dinging lift. Boisterous laughter and giggles and chuckles, Harry found it amusing how only two people were able to make such loud noise just because they were happy. The two people continued talking and laughing endlessly and Harry couldn't help but notice how familiar it was till he decided to slightly turn his head around for a peak just to satisfy himself to know who they were, and to his satisfaction; Harry's amused face turned extremely pensive. He saw Savannah and Niall a hotel......with Niall's arm resting on Savannah's shoulder. Harry was completely bothered that he had to ask the receptionist what room they stayed in and when the repectionist had told him and he realized that it was the room just beside him; that's when Harry turned all furious. Though Harry didn't confront neither of them. Harry's mindset was back on track and clear as crystal; 

"Mine" Harry mumbled to himself as he walked out of the hotel all rugged and annoyed

He was getting her back.


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