Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


18. Downfall


"Fuck it. Let's just get this over with" Niall said to himself in front of his bedroom mirror

He drank almost an entire bottle of whiskey all by himself. Gulping down each and every last of it down his throat. His cheeks were wet, eyes were blood shot red rimmed. At that moment, he could've passed as drug user. Every was running through his mind. He felt absolutely nothing but pain. The pain that he's been keeping all in. The pain that no one ever knew. The pain that not even he himself fully understood.   

He was happy. He knew that. But he was also sad. The kind of sad that made him believe that he was ill. The kind of illness that made him think it was uncurable unless the one that caused it would heal it. Happy and sad. He had no idea what that meant. He knew that no one could ever feel both happy and sad at the same time. Everything he felt, everything in his mind, everything that he was mumbling about; it was all just a complete mess. He wanted all of it to end. He wanted all of it to be gone. And so did he want himself. He wanted his life to end.   He sat on the side of his bed. Calmly. Looking at his hands. He could barely see his palms. Not even a peek of his skin was shown. It was all covered up with various pills. His other hand was occupied by the neck of the bottle of whiskey he was holding.   

Niall threw his head back along with his hand filled with medication drugs. All together followed by an intake of a huge amount of whiskey to gulp down what seemed of eighteen to twenty pills. He still had his head thrown back. Having a difficult time swallowing all the pills. He had already swallowed a few but the others remained suspended on the back of his throat. He felt like coughing it all out. Though he couldn't bare do that, he was too determined of ending his life. He took in another gulp of whiskey covering his mouth as he swallowed the rest of the pending pills. Forcing himself to swallow every single pill stuck at the back of his throat. Tears were rapidly falling from his eyes, like the whiskey he drank was coming out of his eyes. But what he felt after was the most complicated and undescribable feeling. Dizzy, slowly fading away, drowning, sweating, heavy but light, his sight was blurry, he couldn't breathe right. He felt the alcohol and the pills kicking in into his system.

Everything he wanted to happen was already happening. He was slowly fading away. His sight was turning dark, Barely able to see anything.   

Till a small portion of his sight turned white. Like as if light was suddenly turned on. He heard someone in the room. The voice was was loud enough for him to hear but with him slowly fading away; everything he heard were just muffles.   

He woke up in a cold white room, with an ivy fluid injected at the back of his hand and two taped cotton balls both placed on separate areas of his opposite arm. A warm blanket covering the lower half of his body, An oxygen tube attached on his nose. He looked like the weakest person anyone would've seen on earth. He raised his hand to his eye level. He was unintentionally shaking. Vigorously shaking. Like an anxiety attack for no particular reason. He could barely open his eyes fully. Just halfway open lids and watery eyes. Within a matter of minutes he was dozing back into a pitch dark vision. Dizzy as hell.  

A hard knock slammed the door and so did to Niall. He came back from his memory and looked at himself in the mirror.  

"Ire! Dan said needs to talk to you" Josh pounded on the bathroom door knowing that Niall was in there and yelled at Niall telling him of what.  

"Fucking manager. Fucking Dan" Niall mumbled to himself  

"Yeah I'll be out in a minute"   

Niall splashed cold water onto his face waking himself up even more. Looking back into the mirror once more,  

"I can't go back there" he said to himself and prompt himself up and went out the bathroom looking as a-okay as he could. Niall was definitely class A liar when it comes to looking happy.  

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