Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


31. Disney


"Why am I the poop checker?"

"Because returning him was your idea, because because you're small and insignificant, and because I'll pummel you if you don't"

"Why else?"


Savannah chuckled to herself remembering the times when she used to be a big fan of Disney movies, in which case she is till now though not as extreme back then.

Niall walked into Savannah's living room nd laughed to himself because of what he saw; Savannah with a bowl of cereal in hand, sitting on the carpeted floor, all giggly and smiles, her knees to her chest, and with tea on the side. She was the most adorable thing had ever seen for a long while.

"Ice Age? Really Anna? and, the last time I saw you all cuddled up by yourself with cereal and pj's was when we were in high school" Niall continously laughed at Savannah for the most immature look that she shows by of what she was doing

"I don't see how it's a crime to reminicse. And for your information; at least I'm not the one who cried throughout the entire Nemo movie-" raised her eyebrow and voice at a very joking manner

"Hey! it was a very sad movie okay!" Niall defensed himself with the easiest thing he could think of

"Oh please"

Savannah remained in her comfortable position after they're quick pep talk, Niall huffed to himself and decided to join Savannah; making himself a cup of tea in her kitchen and sitting beside Savannah though not in the same manner, one leg strechted out and the other folded into half. Savannah wearing her comfortable pajamas and Niall wearing a plain white shirt and grey sweat pants; they looked like the most comfortable couple anyone could've ever seen.

"Hi" Niall meared his face to Savannah's and smiling so big that Savannah swore that she could've easily counted his teeth.

Niall placed his arm around Savannah, pulling her in for a tight hug and just keeping her in, even wrapping his leg around Savannah like he was a koala. Fuck they look adorable. Niall placed a quick peck on Savannah cheek and retorted his face when Savannah looked at him,

"It's been a while since we've cuddled" Savannah said in the softest and sweetest manner

"It's been long since I've wrapped myself around you" Niall winked sending out to Savannah the innuendo that he meant with what he said

"NIALL! DON'T RUIN THE MOMENT YOU FUCKER!" Savannah yelled as to they both ended up laughing at each other and Niall pulling Savannah in even more and hugging her extremely tight that it made Savannah not want to leave.

Niall turned dull at the moment. Obviously thinking of something, deep sigh and quick hum, he had no idea why but he accidentally thought of Harry. Why isn't she with Savannah, why did Savannah allow this to happen, why aren't they together in her flat. Niall had a lot of questions in mind. Not the he wsn't greatful of having Savannah; he loved it. Though he wasn't sure of what was happening that he just had to ask, knowing the curious him.

"Hey Anna?"

"Yeah?" Savannah was still watching the movie 


"Wh-wh-what umm-" Niall wasn't sure of what and how to ask Savannah about the matter.

"What is it?"  Savannah faced him

"Why aren't you...uhm...why aren't you with Harry?" Niall's voice turned really light almost unaudible though Savannah heard every single word that Niall uttered.

Savannah sighed  heavy, stood up and walked out of the living room, picking up her bowl of cereal and tea mug. She didn't know what to answer, she knew why but she didn't know how respond to what Niall had asked. Niall followed Savannah to the kitchen along side with her while she cleaned the dishes that they had used.

"Anna, come on. It's alright" Niall knew that no matter how heavy it was or whatever it was, Savannah would unknowingly always tell him. It was their nature, it was really just that way for the both of them

"Niall, I can-"

"Savannah, please" Niall wrapped his arms aroud her from behind hugging her as tight as possible as if he could squeeze out the answer from him.

Savannah removed his arms that were squeezing her tummy and faced him wrapping her arms around his torso with her face against his chest, Niall could feel her heart pumping fast, all of a sudden he just found out the weight of it all

"He dug up my mum and found a lot" Savannah sobbed into Niall's shirt

Niall hushed her stroking her her hair, shushing her. Comforting her the best way he could.

"I don't wanna go back there Niall. I'm tired" Savannah continued crying as a girls natural instinct.

Niall removed Savannah arms around him and cupped her faced, beniding his knees down a bit a looking Savannah in the eyes

"Shhh shhh" Niall was wipping the tears away from her face

"It's okay Savannah, I'm sure he didn't intend to hurt you. Anna, I'm sure I would've done the same if I had the same connections as him. But no, I can't because my connections are just music idiots" Niall tried to make a joke just to put even a little smile on Savannah's face in which it did but of course it didn't last.

"It's too late Niall" Savannah uttered into her sobs

"I know, I know princess. It's okay" Niall pulled her in again and hugged her tightly, again stroking her hair and shushing her

"Niall please don't leave me" Savannah mumbled into Niall's chest

"I never did, and I never will" Niall looked into her eyes 

"I won't let anything happen to you" He gave her a soft sweet intimate kiss.

"Hey Niall?"


"That was what Marlin said when he found Nemo" Savannah said with a smile

"You just ruined the moment" Niall whispered into Savannah's ear and blew a smug into Savannah's ear with a grin over his face.


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