Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


11. Det. Tommo

After that quick phone call from his long friend, Louis returned to his desk, onto the case that he was focused on right before his old pal, Harry, called. Typing onto his computer for leads, checking for prints in their system, narrowing the wide ranged homicide which was nearly to be closed.

"Oy, Tommo! we got a lead; 15th on Lex" a guy shot at him from across the precinct, holding up a piece of paper which most probably contained the much more specific address to the given lead that they had

"Ayt!, Let's get him" Louis stood up from his chair, slipped his Ray-Bans on and denim jacket clinging onto his shoulders walking to the elevator leaving the precinct briskly along with his team of other homicide detectives. 


Homicide Detective Louis Tomlinson a.k.a. Detective Tommo

A smart, inquisitive, though, and feisty cop. Despite the brick wall, Tommo was also a cheerful, humourous, cheeky, and friendly person. But that part of him was only reserved to a limited number of people only. Like any other person, he had a shell that covered a mushy part of himself which was only visible to a few viewers only. In each and every case that he worked on, his skills and work ethics were very much admired. He brought justice to the badge that he upheld. As a homicide detective, he definitely was firm. He thought outside the box unlike other cops that made everything fit inside just to get the case closed without wrapping it up with a pretty bow on top. Left for the real criminal to still be frolicking through the city. No. Tommo was the type that would track them down wherever the murderer was; even if he had to fly halfway across the country, he would. Interrogating each and every single file s deeply as he could to make sense of it even if nothing connected. He made wild theories that no one ever thought would actually be possible. He was good. Damn good. So damn good that when the FEDs requested for a homicide team, they asked not to let him ride along. He annoyed them. He loved getting the FEDs annoyed. He was to smart for them to handle. Too opinionated and outside the box. Louis knew everything that was to be predictable. His wild imagination definitely brought him to a top class cop. Good reputation and all. But despite all that, he always made time for himself, made time his own pleasures. With his work load, Louis was the type of person that still had sexual intercourse as his guilty pleasure. Hooking up for a night or two. The hot irresistable smart good looking cop that skinny tall pudgy lipped women liked. Rough and hard. Tied up, hand cuffed, role play pleasure. A fantasy that came true to him. Louis was what a woman would define as fine. Tan, broad built, good height, bulging biceps, turquoise dagger like eyes, pink lips, fit chest, sexy clavicles, basically, any woman would love to use him as a human stripper pole. 


"Is there a Louis Tomlinson here?" a teenage boy questioned from the elevator at the opening of the precinct, holding a thick Manila envelope securely sealed to what seemed documents of fragile cases. 

"Yup! Over here, boy" raising his hand up without moving his eyes away from the computer in which he was making a background check on someone with.

The teenage messenger walked over inside the precinct, nearing Louis and handing over the heavy envelope that was addressed to him along with a clipboard that he was supposed to sign for confirmation of the delivery. As soon as the messenger left, Louis glanced around the room, checking if there was anyone eyeing him or the envelope that was given to him. With the weight of the envelope, he easily found out whom it was from and what the contents were. He gave it a quick peep inside and closed it, putting it inside his backpack for no further suspicion from others. Deciding that he'll work on it privately in his quarters. Grabbing his phone from the table, he went to Harry's contact and sent it a quick text message. "I got the file" quickly followed by a quick reply from the other end, "Alright, best of luck, Lou. Thanks"


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