Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


22. Breathe


Chapter song: Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran          





Savannah ad no idea where to run. She couldn't hide herself in her flat, she knew that that would've been the first place that Harry would look for her. She wanted out. She just wanted to get away, away from everything. She loved Harry too much to run back to him. She felt awful. She hated every single bit of what had happened, but the most painful thing in her part was that she didn't get to hate him not even a tiny bit. Her emotions carried her away.  


She was in front of a handful of moments she wished she could've easily changed with a snap of her fingers. She wished she had never crossed the line with private client information, she wished she never knew anything, she wished she was never involved with him, she wished she could forget. But she couldn't. Eratic breathing started to take over her, her cheeks damp with the salt water that was streaming from her eyes, blurry eye sight, red nose, shaky hands, Savannah was basically unstable- physically and mentally. Bringing up the past was more than she had bargained for. From the three years that she spent on knowing more about what had actually happened to her mother, she was led to dead-ends and useless bullets. She couldn't face the fact that someone whom she was with, and someone whom she loved and thought protected her, actually did the intention of up bringing her past and gave her the feeling of burrying her her alive with eyes wide open. She couldn't bear the fact that Harry had told her of him seeking help from an expert and that within a week, he got a pile of information that led him to more and more alleys of information as for her she ended up in a black hole. All the effort that she put out amounted to nothing. It was like a slap of  embarassment and broken trust right in front of her.    Savannah went to one place where she knew she'd be able to breathe. A place where she knew she'd feel free and that the wind would calm her down. She drove up to Primrose Hills, up the hill where the view over looked the city. Tears never stopped falling. And neither did her heart stop shattering. And now, She didn't know how to feel and what to make of Harry Styles.  




Pride and guilt, pain and hostility; Harold was painted by all of these.    Harry was punched by the effect of his loose razor blade tongue. His pride was so proud that his mind told him to stay at ease with the mere fact that he helped her and that he can solve what she'd been hiding ever since. But that! that tiny fact that he was never allowed to much; Savannah never told Harry of the matter that was at stake, which obviously means that it wasn't for him to touch nor to sneak up upon. His gut was dressed and drenched in guilt. Like a salad overly tossed. He knew all the wrong thing that he had done. He knew that he needed to give Savannah space and he did that. He let her walk away from her, and it was a painful sight that he had to watch for a most of ten minutes. Giving up on her was not an option, Harry was certain that he'd let out enough space for the damage that he caused but closed enough for him keep holding on tight without Savannah feeling it. He let her walk away. But that didn't make him give up. He promised himself not to let go of her. He was going to hold on to her as long as possible. He'll wait, he'll wait, and he'll wait. He promised himself that Savannah was his and only his and that when he told Savannah of being tied together, he meant that. And not even the thought of the break up drifted through his head. He was going to get her back. He was going to catch himself  firefly.

He was going to make the fire blaze.

He was hers.  

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