Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


37. Both Sides


Chapter Song: The Harold Song by Ke$ha





He walked towards her as she did as well to him, both of them still doing the routine they used to do til the last they've been against each other, both still had the same look on each other's face; fearless, damn on, furrowed brows, pursed lips, both were in the game, as if nothing had happened; as if they were back on the feild as the same people they used to be

"Hmm, fancy meeting you here Savannah, I thought you've had a change of speciality" Harry greeted her

"Not change, just and additional. Besides, I'm just here for the money" Savannah smiled back at him

"Oh really? I've heard you've settled on this speciality for quite a period of time" Harry mocked her, doubting her skills in which he knows are still there

"You've done the same" Savannah straightened her jacket, tilting her chin up

"You've been overlooking me, Savannah?" Harry smiled to himself knowing that he found out that she'd been doing to him what he'd been doing to her 

"Haven't you over me? I'm just making my moves as well" Savannah looked at Harry and smiled at him, leaving him and walking into the room shuting the door behind her leaving Harry out of the room and smiling to himself

"My girl" Harry puffed and smiled to himself

Harry had that feeling that he knew that Savannah was well aware of what he was doing and whatever he was about to do may be predictable to her, Harry thought to himself that he'd have to play differently than he thought he would. The case in hand had nothing to do with the plan he had in mind, all it was for was for him to see what page they were at, and from what he saw; it wasn't the page that he'd ever thought they'd be in. It was those pages wherein everything was flowing well, all too well for the both of them, he needed to crack a window open to know what else to hit her with and right now, Harry's got nothing to tenderize her soft spot even though he's touched it a long while back, he knew this time was different, that this one would have to take much more effort

But this time it had to include knowing other's cards as well, specifically Niall. He needed to know what there really was between them. 


"Settled, custody is granted to Ms Hughes" the judge pound the gavel closine the case Harry and Savannah entered the room in with.

The room cleared quickly til the both of them were left inside fixing each other their paper work,

"Got your money?" Harry walked up to Savannah asking her of her satisfaction

"I need more" Savannah replied not even looking at Harry on the face, keeping herself busy fixing the files scattered on the desk she had used, placing them all inside a folder slipping it inside the bag and turning around from Harry 

He grabbed her arm hard, pulling her in back close to him making Savannah turn around face Harry but still avoiding eye contact. She tried to shake her arm out of Harry's grasp but she couldn't his hand wrapped around her arm tightly it almost crushed her. 

Nothing. No exchange of words. Just heavy breathes. Harry was looking Savannah deep into her eyes filled with fear that still tried to avoid his green chamber dagger eyes, his eyes spoke to hers still Savannah and gave up into looking into his as well, and to Harry's sight, her weak eyes made his forced close, he couldn't understand anything and neither could Savannah, he pinned his forehead onto hers and breathed deeply, their lips brushed over each other but didn't touch at all, they both wanted to pull away from each other but none of them could as to none of them understood as well, Harry fell his eyes starting to fill up and before his vision could completely turn blurry, he let go of Savannah and hastily walked out of the room, leaving Savannah crumbling down on the ground, in tears and not knowing what to nor what to say. Everything that had happened what a mess that neither of them knew how to clean up, she just sat on the tiled floor, holding onto one of the chair's leg gripping onto it as if someone was dragging her away to somewhere she never wanted to be

".....please.....I need you....." Savannah whispered to herself as she saw the door shut close behind Harry as he rushed out


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