Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


33. Authorization


Avery payed the the petite girl on the other side of the register, handling her a few of pounds for the tea she owed Louis as he claimed. Walking towards Louis and smiling at each other shyly like two idiots playing obvious hide and seek. She arrived at their small circular table and placed both teas onto the table and pulled her chair out to tuck her self inside being safely and nicely seated.

"Alright Louis, I know you wouldn't ask me for tea just because you quote and quote miss me" Avery said wrapping her hands around the warm tea cup

"Really Ave? that's how it is now? I need to need something just to take you out?" Louis backed his head asking her with a smug on his face lifting his cup up to his lips for a sip

"I'm not stupid. The way you kissed me already told me that you needed something. Now what is it?" 

"Fine, I need you to help me out on a case-" Louis strted explaining till Avery cut him off

"Wait, your case? I'm not allowed to do that unless I was legally authorized to do so by the headmaster" Avery reasoned

"In which case might be another tangled situation" Louis slightly bent his head to the side with the obvious fact that he did know that it would be a problem

"What is this about, Louis? This isn't a normal case is it?" Avery got a slight hint of what Louis was trying to come across but still had no idea of what matter Louis was trying to lay on the table for her to find out

"It's....not actually.....and it isn't a recent one either..." Louis started avoiding eye contact knowing that Avery would look at him judging given that he's investigating on a case that neither of them are authorized to investigate on in which is dearly illegal

"What the hell is this about?" Avery nearly raised her voice in confusion and anxiety. She needed and wanted t o know why Louis was sweating hands in trying to tell her on what it was

"Are you familiar of the Lore file?" Louis asked Avery

"yeah yeah yeah the bushwhack case, that was an awful one" Avery calmed down and reacted

"It wasn't a was a murder. Her daughter has been trying to look into it but from where she's looking; she ends up in dead ends and loose ropes, someone knew what they were doing and obviously something else is going to happen" Louis briefly explained it to Avery trying to look and stay as chalant as possibly as he could.


"How did you get this? you're friends with Savannah Lore?" Avery questioned Louis into shock knowing that Louis wouldn't even make such posh friends like Savannah, except for Harry.


"Harry" Louis said rolling his eyes in signal that it was requested 

"Alright I'll try to  grease some belts and see what I can get" Avery replied to Louis


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