Case Closed

//sexual content//

*AU Harry as a lawyer
*AU Louis as a Homicide Detective
*AU Niall as a punk tattooed band member
*AU Zayn as a tattoo artist
*AU Badass Liam


10. 1998

Around a quarter past six, Harry woke up to a vibrating phone beside him. He had no intention picking it up seeing as that Savannah was laid fast asleep peacefully on his chest. With every intent of ignoring it, his phone kept on ringing till he decided to answer it. Druggy and drowsed he placed then phone to his ear. "I have to files you asked for, Mr Styles" said the person at the other end of the line with a solemnly deep and serious tone. "Thank you, David. Please have them sent over to my office as soon as possible" Harry replied with his firm stand and formal attitude. "Yes sir" followed by a click of the phone from Harry's end of the line. He turned his head back to Savannah's peaceful face still lying on his chest, fast asleep as he spotted a small smile on her face. He figured that she was either dreaming or that she just felt a quick tickle run through her face as he ran the back of his hand from her cheek up to her ear. "Morning, sweet cheeks" Harry mumbled nearing her face followed by a sweet kiss on her lips. Savannah opened her eyes to a pair of green globes staring right into her hazel ones, his nose nibbling across hers, a pair of pudgy soft lips grazing over hers. "Morning, Harold" she said into the wet kiss that he had just given her. Harry broke the kiss and gave in to a chuckle, closing his eyes along with a memory that he was reminded, laughter was written all over his face as he shook his head to and fro.

"What's so funny, Harry?"

"Remember when we first met?" a smile elongated across his face along drew in two pool deep dimples as he asked the question. Savannah grunted and groaned as she turned away from him in embarrassment.

"Don't turn away from me, love! tell me" Harry pulling her in by her waist from behind laughing even harder

"I try not to. I do my very best to erase that memory. But unfortunately, I'm in a relationship with you, therefore that memory simply cannot fade away. It's a tattooed in my mind. It's permanent. It's sad" digging her head into the pillow as she confessed to him with along with her daily dose of sarcasm. He still couldn't stop laughing. He loved everything about the first time they met. It was unusual for to professionals to have met that way.

"Why do you hate the way we met, Savannah? It was actually perfect to begin with!" Harry was continuously laughing, that anyone could have practically seen his tonsils from his wide mouth open of laughter.

"We had sex, Harry. Twice. I was trying to have a conversation with you, we ended up having sex in your office. I came out of your bathroom, we ended up having sex on your couch" she turned her little frame facing him while explaining to him why she wasn't pleased with their first encounter.

"Exactly! Like a dream come true! Would you like to re-enact the second part? I sure would love to" Harry's laugh turned into the Devil's smile. A sudden mood he turned into that caught her every single time it faced and touched her.

"HARRY! This is why I hate you. You tempt me too much" 

"And that's why I tempt you. Because you easily give in. Because you're a slut. My slut. But best is, you're my girl. Just mine" closing the space between them with her breasts pressed onto his chest. Her back arched towards his torso. His arm wrapped around her. Intertwined lips, lavishing tongue pressed against each other. Savannah broke the kiss and pushing him for some space in between and smiled at him giving him a kiss. 

"Do you wanna know something, Savannah?"

"What is it?" she played with his hair. Twirling each curl i her finger leaving each group of curls curlier and curlier.

"Do you know why or how I even started working here?" Harry looked deeply into her eyes with the question that he was aware she wouldn't be able to answer right.

"Yeah, you were hired as Mr Prescott's new lawyer and then you decided to stay here because you suddenly became in demand after their divorce case" she nodded as she replied to the question that was thrown at her. "What is this about, Harry?"

"The only reason why I worked here was because of you. You were something, let me tell you that. A hound on the trail of a fox. And me, breathlessly following like some country gent in jodhpurs." He confessed to her with an erratically beating pulse. His eyes were solemn. Deeply sincere as he stared into her eyes that were tainted like a shimmering glass as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. Putting her head down with her silent sobs, Harry cupped her chin and tilted her head up once again, looking into her eyes with all the serenity that he had. Even with just their eyes, they both knew how much they loved each other. More than enough. Their love for each other was both painful and pleasant; a stain on their entire being.

"When I said, that wanted to get tied up with you, I meant that, Savannah. I promise you that"

"I love you, Harry" their lips clasped with each others which felt like a kiss that lasted forever. Passionate and deep. Painfully pleasant. Their relationship was a ship wreck filled with treasure. Only theirs. No one to share with. They were exclusive to themselves


The elevator doors dinged open and Harry walked out as his dapper self. He walked over to the receptionists desk. Placing his briefcase and keys on top and greeted the raven haired man seated behind the desk. The man stood up to show respect to his boss. "Good Morning, Mr Styles. I apologize for waking you up earlier today."

"No worries, David. Did you send the files I asked for to my office?" He asked signing somesheets that David handed him.

"Yes, sir. I've already placed them on your desk"

"Thank you" He swiped his briefcase and keys off of the desk and started walking to the direction on his left greeting the people that he'd pass by in the sophisticated narrow yet comfy carpeted hall.

He made his way across and stopped in front of a mahogany door. Steal door. With a glass plate nailed beside the door frame -Mr Harry Styles: Legal Executive- He slid his key into the lock and pulled the knob downwards. He had a certain way of walking. Twisted feet, yet graceful strides. He entered the room and closed the door behind him. Walking to over to his desk placing his hand carry on the floor near his desk and his keys beside the computer. Sat on his chair, he started checking the folders placed on his desk. At first all he thought of doing was just to skim through the entire file, but as his eyes ran through and through; things written on each and every paper got interesting and interesting, -Death of Gwendolyn Lore 1998- A case that Savannah herself has been trying to work on for months. A case that was never solved. A case that was never given justice. A case about her mother's death. A case that left her wounded permanently. Savannah never stopped working on this case yet due to her lack of skills and connections, she didn't have the guts nor the right to interrogate and finish the case itself. But unlike Savannah; Harry had a lot of connections. He had friends that were cops, homicide detectives, PI's, district attorneys, captain of police departments, and of course judges and juries. He had enough connections for him to crack up the case as wide as he could and help Savannah heal from her deep scar that continuously bled till the present. But as the dragon warrior that she is, she knew how to hide it with a bandage of her toughness and bitterness. 

Death of Gwendolyn Lore 1998: Gwen Lore, died at 34, wife of Ike Lore, mother to Savannah Lore, died of two gunshot to the chest, body found under a tree in a park, 3 witnesses in the crime scene, one of them dead while the two others are still nowhere to be found. 

"3 witnesses? so if one's dead, why didn't they continue looking for the other two?..Why aren't these things adding up?..." Harry spoke to himself. Analyzing the entire situation just made him even more curious, and with everything he had running on his mind. Harry didn't have the legal right to touch the file neither to poke it. He knew that as a lawyer, all he was payed to do was to defend people and cases and sometimes to even professionally lie making it seem as the truth. What Harry was doing wasn't illegal but neither was it legal. He just didn't have the right to be investigating on such a sensitive case, knowing that he's in an intimate relationship with the person who was badly affected and encrypted by the case, he pulled out his phone from the inside pocket of his posh dark blue fine blazer, went to his phone book and pressed on a number. 

"Hey, Tommo!, how are things at the precinct?" Harry talked into a cheerful greeting.

"Hey, Haz! yeah everything's fine. Homicides to and fro across the place. How 'bout you? How are all the divorce files? Hooked up with anyone lately? You know you can't keep your pants zipped aye, Styles aha" he returned the question along with several and alongside with a joke knowing that Harry was quite a man of reputation since they've been friends for a way back.

"Aha, cute joke. Tommo. Well at least you're still on your tippy toes. You'd be surprised by the number of women that on their husbands....NOT! aha, hooked up? not really, but there's this girl" He wasn't quite open to the fact that he and Savannah were dating. Not even to an old pal. But nevertheless, Harry and Savannah were mutual with it. Only they knew about themselves, Not even a single viewer from the public caught any grasp of them together. Both excellent professionally trained liars.

"Yeah, yeah, haha. Must be a hard girl aye? anyways, why'd you call, Haz?" cheerful attitude across the phone from a friend did enlighten Harry's weight from the thoughts that disturbed him.

"Yeah, quite difficult. Yeah, I called because I do need you to do me a favour. Quite big and heavy but hopefully you could help me on this along with your other buddies because like I said; it is quite big and heavy" Harry briefly explained the situation and weight of the case to Louis

"Sure, Harry, seems pretty serious, shoot me, what is it?"

"So basically, I need you to work on an unfinished case. Gwendolyn Lore's death from 1998. I need you to work and get on it and keep me in loop during the entire procedure. But Lou, I need you to keep this below the radar" Harry stated his request and same as he did previously, he stated the situation on the matter.

"Alright, Harry. I'll make sure to keep you in loop during it. But, hope you don't mind me asking, why are you asking me to investigate on a case from 14 years ago?" Louis' friendly and charming tone turned into curiosity and inquisitiveness.

"Louis, this case is very sensitive. Every paper that was saved after closing the case was obviously altered except for other information. I'm in lack of resources. And I need you to help me on this one, Lou. I'll send you a copy of the file later so that it'll be with you by tomorrow"

"Okay, Harry. I'll make sure to keep it under the radar"

"Thanks, Louis. Keep in touch" thanking his good friend and clicked the phone off.

Harry breathed out a deep sigh and interlocked his between each other, placing them above his stomach and staring at the floor blankly with his lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed. He was thinking deep. A lot of thing had him occupied during that day but this was the majority of it. Harry knew and thought to himself that he isn't supposed to mention this to anyone especially Savannah. He knew that touching this case would make her furious. He knew that if she found out that he'd been sniffing around behind her back about her mother's murder, she'd have the gut and emotion to break up with him, to leave and ignore him. Harry didn't want that. He wanted to help her. He wanted to lift the burden that she'd been carrying this whole time. He wanted to help her heal. 



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